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  1. I found this number a few years ago when I found out about the CBS Feed at 3408, and I always used to play around with it. 800-711-3407 - Flight Test Airplane Status System Main Menu Call in, and it gives you options for a variety of planes somewhere. Selecting a plane or option will give you a recorded message about the status and location of that plane, and make references to various codes about these planes.
  2. Holy shit that is ridiculous! I am not up to date with how Facebook actually runs.
  3. The point of Mailing Lists Was, but not so commonly used now because of other means of conveyance, was to get info out fast. E-zines and what not were distributed on mailing lists. Alot of things got done because of them.
  4. So what is this vmail backdoor thing? Its just for TMobile am I correct? And is there a way around the whole password prompt? What exactly is this being used for? -STD
  5. I think i know the phone youre talking about actually. When you call and press numbers it distorts the pitch of the high tone. But You dont hear any of the dtmf tones. I dont know what it means, but it an interesting find.
  6. was that at auburn mall? that long beep is odd. the ones at my mall make modem sounds and im not sure what they are. i dont really get the feed back you describe
  7. i thought it was 99 bucks. and there have only been a "few left" since like 03 aha
  8. they made a movie about that.
  9. get audacity and the LAME codec and make whatever the files are into mp3s. ive done it with the stupid itunes m4a files.
  10. i was all upset because i didnt get my issue. then i realized that my subscription ran out. =[
  11. well what do you get from studying anything? i like to study phones and networks because they are both things used by people every day. having knowledge of things that others dont have is one of the greatest thrills you can experience. i study phones because its something interesting to me and thats it. theres no real benefit other than knowledge. but what other benefits do you need?
  12. wtf do you use? DS5?
  13. or use a tone dialer. with presets. mine has that.
  14. yeah. because an international number should have been longer. where did you get the call? try redialing and maybe you can get the whole number or it might display it. how did you know its from the western sahara?
  15. yeah. we had something like that on my computer at home to block access to sites. then i figured out i could just go into the task manager and kill it and no one would be the wiser. just make sure to deleted the history on your computer too to better corroborate your lie =]