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  1. Like me he doesnt have a cam yet, if he did I would have made him post pics of our setups so all the chix0rs would swoon and take up part of my day at least. @Marks Its not a free domain thing man he has control of the dns server and everything, admins the server its on himself since it sits like right next to his workstations; It takes lots of skill and from what belgarath has told me about your efforts its out of your leage for now, nothing personal man. The web/archives/web-dev/foo server will be the last to go, he just told me on the phone that this will happen tomarrow since hes just too tired from the crap of the day and such but he did rerout email to a secondary server today however so all of you with hakt.tk email addresses will be able to use them via pop3 using the correct domain name since hes taking that down as well, not sure how important that is to any of you but I thougth you should know.
  2. Belgarath wanted me to let you all know that the entire hakt.tk research and development server farm, shell accounts, every single subdomain, the domain itself, the wargames server, the archives, the hatk.tk PBX, the hakt.tk authorized user only proxy, the hakt.tk irc bouncer, basically EVERYTHING will be down due to a network redesign and maintenance time scheduled either later today or sometime within the next few days. Data will be saved so nothing will be lost but rewiring is needed due to him overloading and blowing out his fusebox and starting a small fire. If you have anything anything at all you need to save or want to work on in this time log into your accounts and get yourself a copy now before he pulls the plug.
  3. notepad and pico.. do it right, or dont do it at all. pico isn't inc;uded is allot of distros since its not true open source software; nano its clone IS under the gpl so get your facts straight. Emacs/emacsspeak works great if your working on a page; I use it all the time and the only thing I hate about it is that its so bloated, but it does work.
  4. They got only part of what they deserved since they should have gotten a stiffer sentence; Too bad this wasnt in texas or we could be talking about spammers put to death like they deserve to be.
  5. The encodeing of the mp3 data is munged out the [ouput port]. It will not even play on my system since your using a invalid/unsupported bitrate. You should fix this as soon as possible since having a show out there in mp3 form does no one any good if they can't even listen to it.
  6. Ya blind?! That is a very large and very relevant possibility you know, You never know what the other person can/cant do and this is the internet after all so have some respect man LOL Sorry.. I just had to post..
  7. So how is this comming along? Find anything interesting lately?
  8. You know if you split the data into bocks of a set size, padded with random data, saved the files size and the sha1 hashes that make up the files (as well as the sha1 files used to encrypt the data) then had the system spit out the file metadata as part of that information it would be much better.. then again this looks to me like a knock off of my owner free file system before it was stolen.
  9. douwd.org.. oh the memories.. Keep in mind guys that "The Big Hack" never ended as far as Majestics friends at hackback/douwd.org goes.. who do you think "The Collaboration" is in that 'mirrors' copyright notice on the bottom of the page? First step to taking over a society: Make the populace indebted to you in some way so even if they are suspicious of your actions they can not question you. Remember I got out of that , Majestic did not.. as evidenced by the fact that they continue to pay for his sub-domain on douwd.org. I just that that needed to be said for the record; I hate TBH they stole my work.
  10. irda utils will not work with that since it says on that page that port is not irda compliant; Watch the boot screen and if you get /dev/ttyS0 and /dev/ttyS1 detected then the irda port should be the second, /dev/ttyS1 - You may need to load modules for it with modprobe (man modprobe, man lsmod, man rmmod) Your main problem is from what I understand that type of port is stateless; I do not know as much about serial port programming as I would like but your going to need mad skill to deal with the differences. I suggest you read the serial-programming howto, it should be in howto-text under debain if I am remembering correctly. Either way that documention I just told you about should help you.
  11. Sure, if you give me a vmb for helping you get that fxo card
  12. Install slackware 7.1 or 8 on it via floppy, making sure you not only give yourself at least a 32 meg swap partition, but you need to use the stripped down 'lomem' kernel as well. As long as you only install the base at first you should be able to get it on the web; just don not let others access it or run services as they are horribly insecure in that version. We once ran a wargames on that version at HHC in fact. Once your on the network you can install everything you couldnt before from floppies like a simple gcc or g++ install. Your never going to be handle a install of a gui on that so do not even try, just stay away from kde/gnome/X packages and you should be ok. One Thing I would also do is get the latest 2.4 sources and compile yourself a super stripped down kernel for use on it; Its going to take a few days to compile on that but in the end the new kernel crated just for that hardware will run faster then even the stock lomem kernel. What network card does it have, and if not you need a pci slot you can use for a 5 buck realtec card.
  13. Wow, this bels mind thing looks allot like that one thing I had oh so very long ago. Nice man very nice, keep up the good work!
  14. That laptop is very old bro, It doesnt even have sound on it I dont know what you could use it for outside of a dumb terminal that lets your lazy butt sit in bed all day while you code (Damn I wish I could do that!). Then again, I guess with your other computers right there on the other side of the room it wouldnt really matter; Just ssh in and start up something like music or whatever. The next laptop you get is MINE, ok?