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  1. wtfffffffffffffffffffffffff?
  2. dude, you started off good, wtf is your problem?

  4. I could host some of the non essential services....
  5. Hmm, there is no Edmonton 2600... I should send in one....
  6. Thoughtphreaker, record it, I would like to hear what I'm missing... Mmkay?
  7. Windows XP Professional SP2 Build 2600.
  8. you know what? Fuck PS3 Im getting this thing!
  9. If you still can't figure out that people don't appreciate your presence, I'm not going to stop you. Just remember, you've been banned from both HackCanada and Binrev IRC networks, and belittled and laughed at by a good number of people out there. HOLY SHIT d00d .. How do you get banned from HackCanada???? Because The Clone thinks he is a stupid kid, end of story. And no you are not going to be unbanned any time soon. Ill probably get more respect after my 10,000 number binge scan...
  10. I can barley whistle 2600 (damn Canadian winter) hes a cali boi, so he'd have more luck
  11. WOW your a radio hacker too .... Do I detect sarcasm?
  12. I would like to know all the cool stuff I can know about livengood 295 I really never got a good chance to get anything accomplished on it.
  13. PhreakPlanet Radio Downtown?
  14. Use a 9V + a good Pentium II or better heatsink, those chips get HOT.
  15. AAAHHHH! You gotta give me a link on how to do those modifications!!!!!!!!!!!!!! --- Deepgeek Get a nice WIFI Antenna or a really long wire and solder it to the ANT pad on the PCB, that should give you a bit more coverage. If you happen to have an old VHF/UHF antenna on your roof you could use that, 32" or more wire should also give you at least 2 blocks depending on the transmitter