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  1. Looks like Callcentric is offering free numbers now which includes 3 incoming trunks. As far as I could tell, IPKall had unlimited trunks, but I rarely have more than 2 or 3 people on my system at a time. I'm going to try setting one up and see how it goes. http://www.callcentric.com/dids/free_phone_number
  2. I'm using them for my public Asterisk number. I'll miss how free they are. Anyone know of any good replacements? Maybe I'll just hook 3 or 4 Google Voice numbers into it since I'm a cheapskate.
  3. Hopefully I didn't post about this already here, but I'm old and decrepit so I may have. A couple months ago I set up an Asterisk / FreePBX system that's mostly designed for callers to hack into old answering machines. So far I've hooked 7 answering machines into the system and they all have remote access capabilities. I only have one tape-based machine and I think it's from the 1990's. I'm hoping to find some older tape models soon to add to the system, but I never seem to find those in thrift stores, so most of the machines are late 90's and early 2000's. My plan is to have a total of 10 answering machines available for hacking. The number to reach the machines is 206-424-8422. More information about the setup and the machines can be found here. There's also a "choose your own adventure" story that you can navigate through, a conference bridge, and some Autovon options if you're the type to have extra touch tones available. And most importantly is the option that connects you directly to a weird guy in The Netherlands who will talk to you if he's around. I've been meaning to put up a collection of old phone message systems from the 70's and 80's, like dial-a-prayer and dial-a-joke and things like that, but so far I've only put one recording up. One thing that I'd really like to get set up on it is a "voice BBS" like the old Defcon voice bridge used to have. It was a bunch of public voice messages left by callers that you could scroll through, and you could append your own message onto it for other people to hear. I've looked around for an Asterisk script that will do that, but haven't been able to find anything, so I'm probably going to have to create my own. It shouldn't be too hard, aside from finding some spare time to do it. If anyone knows of a script available for that kind of thing, please let me know. So yeah, enjoy the system, hack some machines, let me know what you think, and be nice when you find gaping security holes in my system because I'm new to all this Asterisk stuff.
  4. Nope, the only way to call in is by the telephone number.
  5. Those are some sexy beeps and clickings. And when you press 3305 the NSA shows up at your house.
  6. You weirdos into old phone stuff might enjoy this song and video. The song is about phreaking in the 80's/90's, but never having a good partner in crime for it. The video footage was submitted by about 20 different people and edited together by me. I command you to enjoy it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ieT4VkL-n4
  7. Hey, quit trying to take credit for what that girl was writing in her notebook.
  8. I put it in myself. Come on, law enforcement doesn't suck THAT bad.
  9. Hah, that's a picture of the TNI on my old house with a line-in tap inside of it. I posted that somewhere online about 10 years ago, but I can't remember why.
  10. http://www.engadget.com/2013/03/20/att-wireless-home-phone-goes-prepaid/ Here's a new $100 device that will give your home phones prepaid cell service through AT&T. Only $20/month for unlimited U.S. calls. And if they offer all the other AT&T wireless prepaid plans, you can use their plan that I use for my cell phone which comes out to about $8/month.
  11. When cell phones really started getting popular, a few companies made these dock interfaces for certain brands of cell phones. You'd stick your cell phone into a dock and that would connect it to all of your home phones so you could make and receive cell phone calls from any handset in the house. Probably gave them a fake dial tone and everything. If you can find those products, you could probably use them to make your rotary car phone.
  12. Thanks, Mr. Dawg! This is much nicer.
  13. Three years later this "temporary clutter" is still rendering this board unusable. All the real posts are scrolled away by HPR. I don't mean to sound like a dick and maybe I'm the only person this annoys, but it seems like this board should be renamed to "HPR Episodes" I'm trying to search for an old post in here right now, but it's impossible to find it when it's buried in 3 years of HPR posts.
  14. Sometimes tnid will give you the name too. It currently gives the name on one of my own numbers. But it doesn't seem like it's as good as it used to be.
  15. My favorite right now is http://www.tnid.us . I think it uses the CNAM database and sometimes it tells you if the number has been ported to a different carrier.
  16. I'm really looking forward to this one. Hope you guys will remind us all when it's available so I can get it on Kindle.
  17. Seems like they'd be a lot better off without the rules of radio restricting them. A move to a network like TWiT or something might be a really good thing for the show.
  18. I listened to a cool bit of audio this evening about phone phreaks, which included a short interview with Mark Bernay. It's only 10 minutes long and you can listen to it here: 3620: F is Not For Phreak If you enjoy that, you'll probably like the Joybubbles episode of Radiolab even better. It came out earlier this year and the last 1/3rd of this episode is all about the life of Joybubbles, presented in the coolest way I've ever heard. Here's the link for it: Radiolab: Escape! Mark Bernay's site has a bunch of audio of him and Evan Doorbell on it, if you happen to have an audio player that can listen to RealMedia. His website is not only a homeage to phone trips, but it's a homeage to what the internet looked like in the 1990's. There's a torrent of Evan Doorbell's shows out there someplace, which I recommend listening to. It's some of the coolest phone audio you'll ever hear. I love listening to phone phreaking histories like this. Anyone know of any similar bits of audio or shows that I could listen to?
  19. That list is extremely out of date. I looked at the city I currently live in and none of the phones on that list exist anymore (holy crap, a bank of 4 pay phones at the high school??). I checked another city that I frequent and there was stuff in there that I submitted to that site more than 10 years ago that aren't there anymore. I'm betting most other areas are the same since this list was put together just before normal people started buying cell phones. AT&T (Bell South) completely ditched their pay phone business 10 years ago, so that kills most of the pay phone numbers from the Southeast. I bet a lot of the Cocot numbers have changed over the past 10 years as pay phone owners desperately try to stay afloat by switching their service to independent carriers. The asterisk has nothing to do with music. The website says, "A * in front of the telephone number means that the phone does not accept incoming calls."
  20. I started up a new podcast/video series about a month ago. It's called The Snow Plow Show because that's the most hackerish phrase I could come up with. It's most likely replacing the old PLA Radio podcast and will contain much of the same kind of material, but will probably end up being more about pranks than social engineering. The one that might be of interest to BinRev people is the 2nd episode, where we show how easily companies like Geek Squad and the Apple Genius Bar will hand out information on their customers. I'll be releasing them whenever I feel like it, both as a podcast and on YouTube. Links for the various feeds can be found at the website. Enjoy!
  21. I know what it is from the hours of old phone company videos I've watched on YouTube. Here's a clue.
  22. I've been memorizing area codes for most of my life now. I recently decided that that's not weird enough, so I created this area code flash card game to help other people learn all of their area codes. You can either play it as a game, where you get right or wrong answers and it keeps track of your score, or you can just quickly scroll through the cards and view the different area codes. The one thing that's taking me a really long time to do is complete my database of area code information. So far I've only completed the area codes in the 200's, and I need to keep going until I reach 989. If anyone here wants to help, they can by giving me completed lines of info for my flat-file database. You can take a look at the database to see how things are formatted. Here is a sample line from it: 207|ME|Portland, Maine|This area covers the entire state of Maine and probably always will since the state's population is less than a dozen. I'd like to keep things about the area codes accurate, but you can see that I'm not against throwing in random weird things in there too. Just a line or two, and try not to make it too long or it'll make the answer card stretch out. Just grab as many lines as you can out of the database, complete them, then either email them to me (rbcp@phonelosers.org) or PM them or post them in this thread. Wikipedia is a good source for getting trivia about area codes. Hope you all enjoy the cards, and thanks for any help you can give me with the database!
  23. As well as raids to innocent hackers who they think could be affiliated with LulzSec.
  24. What do you guys think of all this LulzSec stuff? I think it's all really amusing, but I'm worried it's going to cause the feds to start focusing on hackers and they'll start arresting them for doing relatively harmless things, just like the good 'ole days. It'd be nice if these attacks made everyone realize how horrible security is, but people are dumb and will just want to start a new War on Hackers.
  25. It never stopped working for local call and in-state long distance. Some people have claimed they can still red box across the country, but I haven't managed to make that happen in nearly a decade now. I keep an mp3 of a quarter on my iPhone, just to show friends how it works when we happen to be near a compatible pay phone. I'd never heard of that app before. I just bought it and it's awesome.