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  1. College is nessecary because everyone 'thinks' that it is. Today its just a business that pumps the kids who can pay the bill. As more and more suburban students were born, more of them began to attend this schoolastic nightmare we call college where your typical accredited university banks on dorm fees and tuition payments and parking tickets. In return we get a multiple choice education where the answer may or may not be 'all of the above' depending on how one looks at it. This mainstream flow has caused a 'general' acceptence level of education and is now being standardized as highschool was 20 or 30 years ago. Eventually there will come a time when a highschool education or ged will not get you those high paying jobs at a young age only experience will. Current profesionals have told me that THEY have been told they'll never be managers at major companies/institutions without and MBA or equivalant. If one were to skip college, which I wish was a more plaudable alternative; experience and certs play a role...the rest is who you know. You will literally have to climb the ladder from the bottom. A college education will put you a few rungs up regardless of experience and certifications. However; don't be fooled into thinking just a degree will get you ahead. I know more idiots with degrees in CS that couldn't do nearly what you'd expect them to be capable of. The problem with school is that it is very unapplicable. If you want to be a true "well-rounded student" then you'll need work experience related to your field of choice, not wegmans cashier or a toll both attendant. If you want to be a step ahead of the game, you'll have certifcations (low level obviously) that prove what you have learned about your field so far (aside from school learning). I'm graduating this summer and what i've heard from many IT professionals is that grades don't really mean shit. Get the degree on your paper and be done with it. In order to promote your knowledge of programming/computers that you've learned outside of school then you must get certifications, ever if you are super-leet programmer w/e with 30 years experience, your next employer doesn't know how good you are unless you've reached certain accepted milestones. The moral of all this nonsense is that if one wants to be as succesful as possible and is not some gifted golden child then they have to look at EVERY aspect of self actualization.
  2. Why wouldn't you hire real actors and just have computer guys tell them what to say....?
  3. uhm...will your school let you map your shared drive space to dns like that? not sure if your IT dept will just let you assign a domain name. Also if this is just your personal page where most of your hits will be through linkage then the domain name really doesnt matter. If you are trying to gain revenue and higher SEO then you need to use keywords that relate to the content of your site. If your writing tutorials on C then.... or something(prolly taken) Maybe for content adding and subtracting and community input just have a forum. That way most of the work is done for you.
  4. lulz, this is hilarious. I wouldn't worry so much about ad revenue i mean come much do you really think you'd make off this at like .005cents per click. btw I was under the impression that any signal coming into your house is fair game... Why wouldn't police use encryption or other forms of communication if their transmissions were so "confidential." Unless of course the OP is using a more deviant method to pick up these signals idk...
  5. Yep, usually how it goes....soon Watchout will come in and make such an antagonizing and condescending post that everyone reading will want to kill themselves, then one of the mods will come in and break up the whole party.
  6. Okay you win, damn .. I guess we just looked at it from different perspectives.
  7. I guess I wasn't referring to anybody in particular. I was referring to the attitude that that I drew from the quoted statements; "If you don't know stuff about computers you're an idiot."
  8. "24,95$" per idiot.. No offense to you dude but this is the kind of attitude I dislike. Just because somebody would buy a book like this doesn't mean they are an 'idiot.' Not everyone knows how to gather information on computer insecurity and the people interested are unique in that way because they know/knew how to find/research it. Those very same people; including yourself, also know that some information can be very difficult to find. The general population simply does not care about this shit, they just want it to work when they need to use it thats why they count on people like us. To call some an idiot for not knowing is ignorant imo just as somebody would call you an idiot for not knowing things like investing, or golf or whatever fuckin hobby one may be into.
  9. You fucking kidding me dude? I did a little reading on this dude over at DG and imo he fits the model of script kiddie bitch...
  10. Godamnit, if only I could be a rich columbian drug traffiker who actually has the money to put into one of these accounts if it existed....oh well, ** dream ends...back to my minimum wage lowlevel IT job
  11. DHCP, as verizons static fios package is like 200 dollars a month or something so f that
  12. Seems like TrainReq has made some friends ...
  13. shes ... sooo... hott... and young :nono:
  14. My favorite part of this thread...
  15. You have to enable your vista box to do ip forwarding