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  1. Thanks for the heads-up !
  2. I had to install the 32bit library to support this driver, leaving me with a mix of 32/64 bit software ... The soundcard worked (Xi-Fi xtremegamer I think) ... But I had an uneasy feel about it ...So I pawned it on Ebay and used the onboard soundcard Though they are putting effort into creating opensource drivers ... It's very obvious it's not "grown-up" yet .
  3. hate to dig up an old thread, but came upon this link: It contains docs from BlackHat 2008 as well as DefCon (A directory up) Sorry if this has been posted before ...
  4. I'm just wondering, if she's under aged (what was she at the time of the pics, 14, 15 ?) ... Would that be considered indecent pictures of a minor ... As in kiddieporn ? They could go that route in the court Anyway ... I love it when they always use the word "hacker" and "hacked" ...
  5. I'm ready for that new drug now ... lolwaves are getting in the way of my insomnia ... Though, on a serious note, I don't sleep very well, I average, If we are using statistics, between 4 and 6 hours, the one week is better then the other
  6. THIS LINK will give you some answers ... It's a PDF file ...
  7. I'm running Vista enterprise for work on a HP 8510w C2D cpu and 4Gb of ram ... I still felt it was not as snappy as it could be, but once I started tweaking settings in the registry and stuff, it now feels much snappier then ever. I still keep a virtual machine with XP though, some things just don't like the new "security" features of Vista.
  8. Not to be picky .... But in the folder "open files" in aforementioned folder "shared folders" is where you can find the files that are in use ... and you can disconnect them to ... Sorry couldn't resist
  9. Click this and then click on first link
  10. Maybe you should first convert it to hard disk ... Then copy it on DVD ?
  11. Depending on the type/brand of server there's also another identity option, named UID (unit identifier), this is mostly a blue light that can be enabled from remote, so the server can be traced through this blue light, as in a normal server room, blue light isn't available. It can also be enabled on the server itself, so you can identify the server at the back to (light is in front and back). Otherwise the CD-rom eject is a good alternative ...
  12. I knew it ... The butterfly is a bug !
  13. Isn't the butterfly a bug
  14. I concur with livinded ... don't bother ... You'd be better of with this:
  15. For speed I like the Zenwalk distro, based on Slackware, uses XFCE as GUI
  16. Answering that would make for an extensive post, and frankly ... I am lazy Read this article, it will give you a good idea of what a hacker needs to go through
  17. Most tools work in Windows to, you don't need Linux for it ... I'm not saying you should not play arround with Linux if you want to though ... But you could start out with one of the many Live CD distros (Backtrack, Knoppix, ...). Also, NMAP works on Windows to ... Just thought I mention it .
  18. I didn't downgrade for the jailbreak stuff ... It works without downgrading to .. Mind you I have the 1.1.4 software, or whatever it is, don't know if there is any newer version yet.
  19. Nice tips ... Thanks
  20. Follow the link in this guy's post: THIS ONE
  21. Are you a local admin/domain admin, can't you just connect to their C-drive remotely by \\computer\c$ ... I don't really get what you're on about. There will always be a "trace" if you browse someones computer.
  22. It's a IPv6 address more precise, a link-local IPv6, you either use IPv6, or perhaps need to look again at the cmd window to see if you have the correct line ... Anyway, more info about IPv6 : HERE
  23. You need to install it seperately after setup: Control panel -> Program and Features -> (on the side panel) Turn Windows features on or off -> in this list you can enable Telnet again. So it's not completely gone, if you still want it
  24. is also very nice !
  25. I said "try" ... But I ment try as in test, just to see what it's like. I "try" lots of distros just so I get to know some of them a little better. I didn't mean this distro is better then that distro or that I just try it because it might be better. Each distro has got its own plus points aswell as negative points. So I just like to test several different ones, maybe I'll finaly settle on one later, for now, I keep on testing. I'm liking Debian, and I knew Ubuntu was build on Debian, so I said try Debian, as in, now I'll try the "native" Debian, instead of the ready build from Ubuntu with it's own adjustments. Anyway, hope this is somewhat clear