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  1. No way! There are no gurls on the interents! Especially not good looking ones O_o

  2. However, I entirely concur with your political view of laissez faire. It nearly redeems your other statements.

  3. I feverently disagree with your religious ideas, and I find your attitude towards sexuality even more disquieting. To answer your question, several of "us" hackers are atheists since those who rejoice in technology tend to be rational, having seen the incredible things possible with mere science. :P >:(

  4. Women are better at multitasking, i dunno about hacking. However it has been proven by numerous clinical studies that the female brain has more active parts at any one moment than the male brain. Men, according to said studies, tend to have a better ability to concentrate. Thinking with either side of the brain is dependent entirely on individual neurology, or so I've read.
  5. It was an interesting article, thought I'd share it. --Calamity
  6. What is better about SLI? I read that it is really expensive to pull crossfire with it. Maybe my sources are wrong! Unfortunately. i have to leave work in two weeks. My job will no longer keep me after my surgery (during which time i will not be able to walk, and thus unable to work for about a month). I'm afraid what i have is what i have for a while. it may be wiser to wait and just put up with it. If i am going to upgrade slowly, perhaps a part per month, what should I buy first? my current motherboard is the one that came with the Emachine t2042 ('03) and the built in card is also the same. Would the Motherboard packages out there be better? I could just install that and use the Intel processor i have now, couldn't I? DO let me know =D thanks for all this help!
  7. Thanks for your comment. I do plan to reuse my optical drives and case in this old model. In this case, my "bare bones" model consists of an Emachines t2024 case and its equipped OD. Aside from this, i am completely gutting it [sorry, graphic.. i'll be gentle.] =) forgot to mention that. Thanks for reminding me. Thanks for that, i really appreciate it =D I'd considered the combo idea, maybe going with a barebone.. because usually they throw a PCU/Gfx and mobo in. Right now i'm pricing out all my options... this may take some time.. but if i shop around more on some of thsoe other sites, i may be able to find something! I suppose i could be a bit less cheap, and still shop around a bit more. I've always gotten my stuff from NewEgg, i never knew about those other sites. I'll take a look there. I'll be going in for surgery soon, and i didn't wanna spend more than 300. But i could do it. This is my baby. I need to give it the best i can, right? It was really sweet of you to look all that up for me. Thank you! is the graphics card crossfire compatible with the card in the motherboard? Unfortunately, the Hard drive in this computer is really old, and i think i should replace it. I can reuse the case, optics,and 300w power supply. I like my Power System currently, never had a problem since i installed it. It was a hand me down, but... good shape. I AM concerned about using AMD, though. I have never worked with anything but intel boards as far as upgrades are concerned. I'm not particularly familiar with all of the nuances of either system. I just know what goes where, and i can match things somewhat. However, i DO know that Intel = not good, generally speaking. I made the mistake of holding off until i could no longer bear my current system... thus my random need to get everythign here in 3 days so i can fix it! -.-; anyway, more comments are always welcome. -Calamity
  8. Yay! it's time! i have the fund-age to build my own computer-- unfortunately, it's to do the impossible: create a high (or even somewhat mediocre but better than i have now) performance Gaming [WoWidunsuckatPvPnemore] Machine... 4CHEAP! {Note: I'm just joking around with all the cutesy terms. I really am serious here.} I want it to run WoW and Guildwars with a decent frame rate. Decent is more than 4 fps-- ideally around 40-50fps (I swear i didn't know WoW ran above 10fps...let alone 60 -.-) on medium to low settings in game. My budget is 300 dollars. Can it be done? Well, maybe. MoBo: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> CPU: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> HD: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> RAM: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> TOTAL: $274.96 I may need to add sound and additional graphics cards later on, correction: i WILL... but it is better than the Emachines T2024 I've been running since '03... i think. Do any of you have any ideas? Is this a good set up? Thank you! -Calamity <33
  9. Indeed,indeed. Welcome to the forums. Glad to see a smart person =) Looking forward to learning from you.
  10. And...all of a sudden it all works. It WAS the task manager thing. Thanks! I think its my connection being weird. @_@ I'm sorry about that. Whatever was wrong i guess has been fixed. thanks for all the advice, I really appreciate it <33 Love, CJ
  11. Well I haven't tried that. How do I access the cookies? I did have similar problems like this with WoW a while back come to think of it... and it was solved by reinstall. It very well could be a corrupt file. I don't see why it would affect all three AND Gmail though... when they operate separately. (at least to my knowledge) I refuse to share =P This box is all mine ^^ and i love it very much.
  12. This is what is interesting to me: *and Gmail*. Are you able to connect elsewhere and just not to GMail or any of the IMs? Seems like you're connecting here okay, which is interesting. Out of curiosity are you able to connect to GMail's html-only (slow-bandwidth) version? BTW thanks very much for the specific list of things you've tried (yes, I can see why you might be frustrated). Should help us help you quicker . /ab Well, I usually remain logged in to my Gmail acct... I've nothing to hide and it's got nothing important on it so, for the sake of convenience...i leave it logged in. Gmail has a messenger on the email account, and the person I was talking to was usually on there... and i felt rude for ducking out so suddenly. I got to Google home just fine. And of course int eh upper right hand corner it says my email, "my account," etc. I usually access my inbox through those links. Those gave me a "Firefox cannot connect" error. thinking it was probably something to do with what I clicked, or what have you... I tried to access Gmail directly only to get the same error message! the page would not even load... I didn't even get the option to switch to the simple version. ( trust me, i know.. I'm on satellite... I've had to deal with slow load speeds before). No, it's my home computer... (old!) Emachines T2042. I wondered if I was hacked or something... but that doesn't make sense because I'm behind a router/modem thingy. uy i don't understand what's going on v_v thanksy, though.
  13. For some reason, my instant messengers and Gmail are refusing to operate. I was suddenly kicked off in the middle of a conversation on Pidgin ( which had the OTR plugin operational) and received error #1066 or somesuch. After some quick research on the error, I uncovered the following information: "No connection could be made because the target computer actively refused it. This usually results from trying to connect to a service that is inactive on the foreign host—that is, one with no server application running." However, I am the n00bliest of n00blets and... I really could use a computer => English translation. As well as how to get that "server application" running.. or whatever else it will take to fix it. Step by step instructions would be very much appreciated...but explanations are just as important. I have... Reset and repaired my internet connection unplugged my modem for a few minutes, and tried again Run a diagnostic and determined it was not the Internet connection Run another diagnostic that determined a problem with essential ports. Tried three other IM programs-- MSN, AIM, Gmail ( none could connect) Restarted my computer Turned off and unplugged my PC, restarted, rebooted, and re-tryed. Checked the router and modem to be sure the satellite signal was being transmitted. ( it was) Turned off the OTR plugin Think there is anything else I might have missed? It's probably something very obvious but I've no ides how to identify or to fix it! Thanks, Calamity_Jade
  14. @_@ I don't get how someone could just leave their box open like that. If you're gonna be that well, open... you may as well ask people to come in and take a peek. It's like changing at night with the lights on in front of a window.. I still know people who walk right by certain marks on the sidewalk and think nothing of it. You're right... they are demonizing the technologically aware. The paranoia of it is almost amusing... It's not always malicious... Frankly, I'm tired of people who want to be scared of something they don't understand. I'm not into "war driving" really, but personally... i don't even want to know what they like in pr0n. Let alone use their network to know what they're looking at. >> When will the world realize that knowledge is power? not simply knowledge of what's going on.. but how and why.
  15. Hey... It's a funny thing, I was just looking at this empty comment box of yours and I heard it calling my name...

    So here, Have a comment!

    love and such,