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    Chances are the code on that sticker will only work with Toshiba distributed copies of XP, that has been my experience anyway. You might be able to find some Toshiba recovery disks on ebay, Linux wouldn't be a bad choice either.
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    Cool website Aghaster! It looks fantastic!
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    I've tried with two different Atheros chipset mini-pci cards and the RT73 usb NIC. None of them work. I will definitely try to capture the traffic.
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    28.8 means something to me, the speed of the pcmcia modem i had in my toshiba 100mhz old school lappy. but seeing how i'm only 12 yrs old, my first online experience was when i was in the 7th grade. 'WORD'
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    My Matches: 100% - Gentoo 100% - Arch 100% - Slackware Which is pretty accurate because I'm an Arch guy myself.