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    ok... first things first... Welcome to the forum... Linux is an OS (Operating System) just like windows, except it is opensource and WAY more awesome and stable than windows... Now just like windows you have to decide which one of the Linux versions are for you... There are plenty... Ubuntu and Kubuntu are widely regarded to be the best starting OS's for windows users, but having said that I feel that you don't really get the Linux experience like with OpenSuse etc. But the best hacking Linux distro is BackTrack... So if you really want to start hacking download that also, I am not sure if the computer that you are trying to hack is on the same network or if its one PC you are trying to hack... If they are two different pc's, run the distro Damn Vulnerable Linux on the computer you are trying to hack... Then... Hacking is a good idea... It gets you to think differently from the normal computer user... but for now choose what type of hacking you want to start with... do you want to write cracks, hack websites? When you have chosen one, learn as much as possible of the subject... For instance if you choose website hacking... Set up your own websites and see if you can get your pc to crash, or see if you can bypass security measures... A good place where you can start is Hack This Site There is no one way we can tell you THIS IS HOW YOU HACK... It is not that simple... Every computer is different. also, learning how to program will make your life very much easier in the world of hacking... Learn a language like C or C++... maybe even java... also learn a scripting language like python or perl... There are plenty of awesome tutorials online... one of them is: Teach yourself c++ in 21 days... We hope you enjoy your stay at the forums...
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    Hmm.. *snoops around source code* Looks pretty neat! Here, I added a configure-script to libhijack libhijack-0.3.tar_.gz I hope that didn't break anything. You can now .. ./configure make make install .. in the distribution root directory
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    Pretty satisified. There's still tons more work to do, but it does all it's originally designed to do. It's public, you can find it on my site (Retoros, linked to in my sig).
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    take say the tmobile g1. yeah it has linux applications on it and you CAN run them. accept the whole part where you have to flash back to an older version of android (rc.29) which you have to download from some 3rd part source, then use some ridiculous bugs/errors to use say text editor to write to the terminal and then you have to root it to run anything usefull. very fun and easy to use. thats totally usefull and just as easy as it would be to install the google APPS on any other linux dist. sure i can read "documentation" but is said "documentation" of any configuration i will get it in? maybe, maybe not who knows. i dont need that b.s. im not that stupid i cant use BASIC configuration that when i update files to update them on every drive. or i can be a SMART student and remember which one its on. but i guess thats just me. then again im not a college student maybe thats why i can remember something simple like that. im not dismissing it because its from google im dismissing it from extremely poor history with said company.
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    Right now personally I should be doing research towards metasploit. I really want to learn it, but I feel uninspired. Are you guys focused on anything particular at the moment?