Binary Revolution Radio - 078 - Cryptography

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We have a great show for you tonight, <a href="season1.html">all the other shows were crap</a> but this is a great show, long awaited co host <a href="">Elonka</a> shows up, Code deciphering is all about the blank stare, <a href="">Ridicule from the future</a>, <a href="">VoIP + Zaurus = 1337</a>, Linux ported to the iPod, <a href="">Terror Cell</a> book update, You don't need an iPod to enjoy the <a href="">Podcasting</a> craze, Is there a list of Mozart performances?, email us if you found BRR through a Podcast, <a href="">Local Defcon meeting</a>, <a href="">Doc Droppers</a> Firefox RSS feed error, <a href="">Online games white papers</a>, There seems to be some sort of recurring theme on online radio: it's something about how people don't like something and how they should <a href="">fix it themselves</a>, Cryptology terminology, Clear text and "" text, Encryption methods, The three types of codes, The Difference between a cryptographer and a cryptoanalyst, Greek words explained, If a cypher is any good you should need a computer to crack it, <a href="">Walkthrough of the PhreakNIC three code</a>, The Cyrillic Projector, Part 4 of the Kryptos sculpture remains uncracked


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