Binary Revolution Radio - 073 - The Screen Savers

About This File

episode 72 had technical glitches, Forget it, Man! It's Chinatown!!, <a href=",aid,110320,pg,3,00.asp">Deep freeze your hard drive</a>, Losing <a href="">MST3K</a> even by accident should be a crime, It's a miracle <a href="">BRR Podcasting</a> was finished before the .ogg files were done, <a href="">Geek Love Radio</a> will be on <a href="">The Screen Savers</a>, <a href="">Hotmail</a> is up to 250 MB, <a href="">Nintendo DS WiFi</a>, Getting to know your <a href="">proxy</a> intimately, Box hopping, <a href="">Kevin Mitnick: I didn't root your box, Tommy Lee Jones: I don't care</a>, "<a href="">Gettting hacked is seldom a pleasant experience</a>.", Havoc defends Sony's quality, <a href="">2600 meeting</a> recap, <a href="">Stank will soon be on</a> the <a href="">FBI's most wanted list</a>, It's official Stank is <a href="">the Most Extreme</a>, The Animal Planet don't drop docs, <a href="">Yet Another Payphone List</a>, <a href="">The Screen Savers have cleaned house</a>, unfortunately they have not fired <a href="">Kevin Rose</a> but with your help one day we will have a cure for lamers, Dark Tip of the day: <a href="">buying a "plam pilot" from ebay</a>


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