Binary Revolution Radio - 156 - More crypto plus Wikipedia drama

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Welcome to the last episode of season 3, Elonka joins Stank for this episode, OMGHAX...the second part of <a href="">Kryptos</a> was wrong!!, there is a <a href="">yahoo kryptos group</a> that is open for anyone to join, someone spoofed Elonka's email address, Stank thinks <a href="">yahoo mail</a> is a better option versus <a href="">GMail</a>, Elonka thinks that Gmail's contact feature is a bit clunky, Elonka explains a scam that is used on Amazon, in the <a href="">trial of Dan Brown</a> the judge leaves a code in the trial ruling, Elonka explains the <a href="">priory of sion</a>, Dan Brown has 4 cds out and has one of his songs in the Da vinci Code, Stank rants about the TV show <a href="">Treasure Hunters</a>, Elonka wants them to show how they solve the puzzles, <a href="">Wikipedia</a> is the soap opera of the internet, wikipedia is a group-ware project that is maintained by the community, wikipedia has teams of accuracy editors that edit change and delete unaccurate information, an explanation of the flame wars that occur on wikipedia, what is wikipedia worthy?, Stank is a big fan of <a href="">Lost</a>, the first episode of season four will be live at <a href="">Hope 6</a> and there is a BinRev meet-up after the show.


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