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In the Red corner StankDawg, (crowd: "booo"), and in the Blue corner <a href="">Elonka</a>, (crowd: "Yeaaahhh"), "<a href="">The Da Vinci Code</a>" is generating traffic for <a href=""></a>, Reading reviews in foreign languages, People are finally getting the jist of the phenomenon that is <a href="">Phreak Phactor</a>, Renewing your Ham radio <a href="">license</a>, <a href="">Google</a> is not an <a href=">infallible</a> being, If you leave the underground scene you will be shunned by it, Even the smallest step of Google effects the littlest store, Opt out of <a href="">TiVo</a> spyware and watch <a href="">Janet Jacksons</a> tit to your hearts content, the "<a href="">WW</a>" in kryptos stands for William Webster, <a href="">E3</a> decibel requirements, Elonka is dropping docs on <a href="">kryptos</a>, Avoiding the lines at E3, What to do went your identity gets stolen, Get a complaint number when you file a police report, <a href="">Free annual credit report</a>, Subtle difference <a href="">between</a> <a href="">credit</a> <a href="">agencies</a>, Organized computer crime, Don't trust anyone blindly, Understanding Kryptos and <a href="">Sanborn's</a> work, Confirming you answer with Sanborn, Join the <a href="">kryptos group at yahoo</a>, The <a href="">Cyrillic projector</a>, <a href=""></a>


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