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dfb: i hate you

dude number 1: y?

dfb: you told nicole i liked her

dude number 1: i did?

dude number 1: used to

dfb: yea she told me

dfb: i did not

dude number 1: i said you used to

dude number 1: you did too

dfb: but that was lies from teh taplecloth

dude number 1: and you still love her

dfb: tablecloth

dfb: fuck up nega

dude number 1: nicole and deigo sitting in a tree

dfb: suck my big cock

dude number 1: k-i-s-s-i-n-g

dfb: no

dude number 1: first comes love

dfb: i have my gf

dude number 1: then comes marrige

dfb: than come my dick in your but hole

dude number 1: then a baby in the baby carage

dfb: im to young

dfb: your stupid

dfb: no

dude number 1: You love me, and you know it.

dfb: i guess your a cool dude

dfb: :-)

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