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    • StankDawg

      Malicious questions will not be answered

      Do not ask for help on how to destroy or damage someone elses computer. I dont care if it is your ex girlfriend who dumped you. I don't care if it is your brother or sister and you want to get them in trouble. I don't care if it is a co-worker and you want to exact some sort of perceived revenge that you feel you deserve. I don't even care if your gay lover left a gerbil up your ass and put you on a webcam! Do not ask for destructive suggestions in this forum. It is a "how to learn about hacking" forum, not a "how to be an penis" forum.
    • StankDawg

      Reminder of special rules for NubieHQ!

      REMINDER OF THE RULEZ OF THIS FORUM! Be very careful what you post here. If you cannnot reply in a helpful, friendly, or supportive manner, just don't bother posting at all. Telling people to "google it" in any form will get you a warning. Either HELP them or IGNORE them. Those are your options in this forum. Anything remotely insulting, degrading, or rude will be met with at least a warning and possibly instant bannination.
    • StankDawg

      New feature: News feeds

      We are in the process of adding a new feature to the forums. A new section for different security and hacking related news feeds from around the global interweb. We hope that this will make it easier to find a lot of great, on-topic content right here in one place. We will be adding feeds over the coming weeks as we find time.These "feed forums" are refreshed every 30 minutes (at this time, we may change this in the future). All posts into these "feed forums" will be posted under the named "BINREV SPYD3R" which is a fictional account. NO ONE ELSE CAN START TOPICS IN THESE FORUMS OTHER THAN MODERATORS AND ADMINS! If the thread starter isn't "BINREV SPYD3R", then be wary of the post. Also note that the post dates/times are accurate based on the RSS feed information, not on the date/time posted on binrev.All registered members are able to post REPLIES to any of these topics. We do this to avoid confusion of which posts came from the feeds versus which posts came from users. Posted replies will count towards post counts.ALL FORUM RULES ARE STILL IN EFFECT IN THESE FORUMS! We hope you enjoy this new content and feel free to contact the moderating team if you encounter any problems."The Revolution Will Be Digitized!" :paw:
    • StankDawg

      BinRev network and server status monitoring

      Our hosting company had some hardware problems at their data center that took down all of the binrev family of sites most of Friday afternoon and evening. This was completely out of our control and there was nothing wrong on our end that we could do anything about. I am sure that a lot of people were wondering what happened to the sites. This made me realize that we really do not have a way to communicate problems or downtime since all of our sites are hosted at the same data center. If one goes down, they all go down.To remedy this, I have registered a special dedicated blog over at binrevstatus.blogspot.com. This will only be used when binrev.com or other sites go down as a way for me to communicate our downtime. Please make a note of this new site and refer to it when necessary (which we hope is minimal). UPDATE: This is just an update to let you know that this service is still active. I am trying to update it as we go through another server move.
    • StankDawg

      WARNING: Trust No one!

      Due to some recent activity, I thought it would be wise to remind our users about a topic that is so obvious that we tend to forget about it. While we are a very friendly and welcoming community here at the Binary Revolution, this means that anyone and everyone is equally welcome here. In most cases, these are hackers that you may already know, may have spoken to on phone conferences, may have met at conventions, or may have other real world relationships with. In all of these cases, you are pretty safe. But just because we are a friendly hacking forum, does not mean that everyone here is your friend. Believe me, there are many people on this forum who hate my guts. Worse than that (and more to the point) is the danger factor that someone may not be who they appear. The fact of the matter is that you have no idea who is on the other end of that account. They may be a member of a government office, a a security admin from a company, or a black hat hacker who is trying to get you to do something that you really should not be doing. You really do not know. Names and information can be faked easily as we all know. Even the donors forum or Agents forum may fall prey to this. The Donors forum is available to anyone who donates, so do not let that make you think that all Donors are trustworthy. I would hope that they are, but I am not foolish enough to completely trust anyone that I don't know personally. Feds and informants probably troll these forums all the time. They are as welcome as everyone else, but do not be tricked into doing anything stupid. It is for that reason that you should NEVER trust any communications from ANY USER that you do not know to be trustworthy! Do not give out information to anyone that you do not know including in Private Messages. They may not be who they claim to be and they may not have the motives that they claim to have. BE SAFE! You can, for the most part, trust the moderators. You do not have to, but be aware that I personally know all of my moderators by name and communicate with them all by phone regularly. If any people on the forums are trustworthy, it would be them. But even after saying that, you should still be wary.


  1. General

    1. Nubie HQ

      This is a safe place for nubies to ask questions. You can safely post here without feeling stupid or being insulted. PLEASE DO NOT FLAME THE NUBIES!!! If you do, YOU WILL BE BANNED! Do not reply to topics unless you have an answer to the question. Do not tell people to "google it" in any form. If you do not have a clear response that answers the questions posted or otherwise adds to the conversation, DO NOT POST! (Posts here count towards post count!) (Guests can browse here but CAN NO LONGER POST here.)

    2. General Hacking

      This is for General Hacking and tech-related posts. This can be pretty much anything that is serious and hacking related. (Posts here count towards post count!) (Guests can browse here but CAN NO LONGER POST here.)

    3. Old Skool Phreaking

      This is for General Phreaking posts, inspired by the Old Skool Phreaks of the world. This can be pretty much anything that is related to cell phones, voip, or anything phreak related. (Posts here count towards post count!) (Guests can browse here but CAN NO LONGER POST here.)

    4. LinkZ

      Post your linkZ here. Link to your own site, link to a good hacking site, link to news, or other similar sites. You may also list items that you have for sale personally or good deals you have found online as long as it is IN MODERATION. You are free to post personal site links here and be excluded from the SPAM rules within reason. Referral links ARE NOT ALLOWED here or anywhere else in the forums! (Posts here count towards post count!) (Guests can browse here but CAN NO LONGER POST here.)

    5. Hacker Media

      This forum is dedicated to alternative media outlets for hacking topics. This includes any and all hacking radio or video shows. You are free to promote your shows here and be excluded from the SPAM rules within reason. (Posts here count towards post count!) (Guests can browse here but CAN NO LONGER POST here.)

    6. Hacker Meetings

      This forum is for starting a meeting or talking about your current hacker meeting. (Posts here count to post count) (Guests can browse here but CAN NO LONGER POST here.)

    7. Programming/Code

      This is for miscellaneous projects and/or project suggestions. As they grow, I will create a specific forum as necessary. Discussion of code is also allowed here. Code can be any language, any platform. Please label code clearly in the title/description and use the

       tags as appropriate. (Posts here count towards post count!) (Guests can browse here but CAN NO LONGER POST here).
    8. HAM Radio/Hardware Hacking

      Anything and Everything related to HAM Radio and Hardware Hacking. (Posts here count towards post count!) Guests can browse here but CAN NO LONGER POST here.

    9. Retail Hacking

      This is for miscellaneous retail hacking topics. These include online and offline retailers. If the topic deals with a specific company, this is the place to discuss it. Please try to keep threads continuous based on the store/site in discussion. (Posts here count towards post count!)(Guests can browse here but CAN NO LONGER POST here.)

    10. Urban Exploration And Social Engineering

      This is the Forum for all UE and SE discussion. Post all your adventures and ask for advice here. (Posts here count toward post count.) (Guests can browse here but CAN NO LONGER POST here.)

    11. *NIX

      Post your questions, ideas, links, and information about linux and other flavors of unix here. This can include sample scripts, tech support, and anything except for distro-wars. (Posts here count towards post count!) (Guests can browse here but CAN NO LONGER POST here.)

    12. Graphic Designs

      This project is for those of you out there with mad photoshop/gimp skills. Entries in this forum may have a chance at being used on one of our sites, projects, shirts, magazines or other projects, with full credit to the artist. PLEASE USE THE BINREV GALLERY to post your images! (Posts here count to post count)(Guests can browse here but CAN NO LONGER POST here.)

  2. BinRev members section

    1. Assorted Projects

      This forum is for assorted group projects. Some are completed, while others still remain open for future interest. These projects may be updated every so often, but most are either established and ongoing or have disappeared completely. If any of these projects becomes active again, the forum will be moved out of here and brought to the forefront. (Posts here count towards post count) (You must be a registered member to read or post in this forum.)

  3. Off-Topic

    1. General Chat

      All non-hacking/phreaking discussions, strange linkz, humor and jokes, and other assorted junk goes here but remember that THE RULES STILL APPLY HERE and will be enforced.! (Posts here DO NOT count towards post count!) (You must be a registered member to read or post in this forum.)