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  2. garage door part 2 tis teh season COUGH COUGH View the full article
  3. What is ReText? The ReText website on GitHub says that ReText is a simple but powerful editor for Markdown and reStructuredText markup languages. Doing a search on the HPR site returned the following two references to ReText. The excellent Markdown and Pandoc HPR 1832 episode by b-yeezi makes reference to ReText Dave Morriss mentioned using ReText as a possible tool when sending in shownotes as markdown is preferable to plain text. Refer to HPR 3167 Retext Version Info As of the 1st of January 2021 I am running ReText version 7.0.1 the latest version was 7.1.0 this was last updated on the 4th of April 2020. Why I am covering this I’m covering this because in HPR show 3167 Dave Morriss said that Markdown was a preferred way to submit shownotes. Prior to this I had supplied my shownotes in plain text. What is Markdown? I guess I first must cover what markdown is I found the following definitions:- Description of Markdown from Wikipedia Markdown is a lightweight markup language for creating formatted text using a plain-text editor. John Gruber and Aaron Swartz created Markdown in 2004 as a markup language that is appealing to the human users in its source form.[9] Markdown is widely used in blogging, instant messaging, online forums, collaboration software, documentation pages, and even readme files Link Description of Markdown from John Gruber's website, one of the co founders of Markdown. Markdown is a text-to-HTML conversion tool for web writers. Markdown allows you to write using an easy-to-read, easy-to-write plain text format, then convert it to structurally valid XHTML (or HTML). Example text used in the show and how it looks # This is a level 1 heading ## This is a level 2 heading ### This is a level 3 heading This is a level 1 heading This is a level 2 heading This is a level 3 heading List of useful links Finally here are useful links that are available from within the ReText program. They can be found within the Help / About ReText menu:- Link to ReText website Link to Markdown syntax Link to reStructuredText syntax Final thoughts Using ReText to pull these shownotes together disciplined me to hopefully put more meaningful titles within my shownotes. It helped my to create meaningful descriptive links which will hopefully help accessibility for the visually impaired. I edited the text on this occasion in live preview mode I found this made it very easy to see how the final version would look. I think I ended up with more polished shownotes that hopefully needs fewer and hopefully no input from our band of HPR volunteers working behind the scenes. View the full article
  4. NEW 'Off The Wall' ONLINE Posted 20 Jan, 2021 1:18:49 UTC The new edition of Off The Wall from 01/19/2021 has been archived and is now available online. "Off The Wall" - 01/19/2021 Download the torrent here View the full article
  5. Welcome to another episode of HPR I'm your host Enigma and today we are going to be talking about one of my favorite python modules Pandas This will be the first episode in a series I'm naming: For The Love of Python. First we need to get the module pip or pip3 install pandas This will install numpy as well Pandas uses an object called a dataframe which is a two-dimensional data structure, i.e., data is aligned in a tabular fashion in rows and columns. Think of a spreadsheet type object in memory Today we are going to talk about: 1) Importing data from various sources Csv, excel, sql. More advance topics like Json covered in another episode. df = pd.read_csv('file name') 2) Accessing data by column names or positionally print(df.head(5)) # print all columns only first 5 rows print(df.tail(5)) # print all columns only last 5 rows print(df.shape) # print number of rows and columns in dataframe print(df.columns) print column names print(df[0:1].head(5)) print first two columns first 5 values by column position print(df['field1].head(5)) print same column first five values by column name 3) Setting column types. df['FieldName'] = df['FieldName'].astype(int) # sets column as interger df['FieldName'] = df['FieldName'].astype(str) # sets column to string df['DateColumn'] = pd.to_datetime(df['DateColumn']) # sets column to Datetime 4) Some basic filtering/manipulation of data. Splits string at the @ for one split next two lines create 2 columns that use the pieces. new = df2["Email"].str.split("@", n = 1, expand = True) df2["user"]= new[0] df2["domain"]= new[1] df['col'] = df['Office'].str[:3] # creates a new column grabing the first 3 positions of Office column df = df[df['FieldName'] != 0] # Only keep rows that have a FieldName value not equal to zero See example code that you can run at: Pandas Working example View the full article
  6. JSON Json is a cool little data serialization language, that allows you to easily and clearly demarcate blocks of data by nesting data structures such as lists (enclosed by square brackets) and key-value pairs or "dictionaries" (enclosed by curly braces). So that in the end you get something that looks like this { "first list" : [ "element1", "element2", {"element3" : "is another k-v pair", "but contains" : ["a" , "list", "of", "words"]}] , "this value is a string" : "1" , "and this is a number" : 23 , "and floating point" : 1.413 } Aside from: Lists are enclosed in [] and each element is separated by , Key-value pair lists are enclosed in {} and have the key and value separated by : and each pair is separated by , Keys have to strings quoted with double quotes Numbers may be left unquoted (but just in value fields) There are no restrictions to what you can do with JSON. Given how explicit the syntax is then, it makes for very easy parsing, and there are plenty of good parser out there. My favourite JSON parser is jq(1). A canonical representation of the JSON example above can easily be obtained with jq by simply calling jq '' file.json (or piping the file through stdin, or even putting the contents properly quoted as the second argument). { "first list": [ "element1", "element2", { "element3": "is another k-v pair", "but contains": [ "a", "list", "of", "words" ] } ], "this value is a string": "1", "and this is a number": 23, "and floating point": 1.413 } You can also use jq in a shell script to obtain, for example the second element of the first list: $ jq '."first list"[1]' example.json "element2" So to get the value associated to a key you use the notation .key and to get the k-th element you use the notation [k-1]. To remove the quotes on the string you can use the -r flag which stands for raw output. jq(1) also gives you a few more functionalities that can be useful like getting the number of elements in a list with the length function. $ jq 'length' example.json 3 $ jq '."first list"[2]."but contains" | length' 4 Another useful feature is getting the list of keys from a key-value pair list which can be done with the function keys $ jq '."first list"[2] | keys[]' example.json "but contains", "element3" The query language is much much more flexible than this, but for most cases this should be enough for simple configuration querying. YAML and XML?? The yq project allows one to use the exact same syntax as jq to query, and emit (and therefore also transcode) yaml and XML, extending the usefulness of the query language. So for example looking at the previous file through yq gives: $ yq -y '' example.json first list: - element1 - element2 - element3: is another k-v pair but contains: - a - list - of - words this value is a string: '1' and this is a number: 23 and floating point: 1.413 And the output of this can be of course queried with yq itself, or can be used to feed into whatever application requires a yaml input (I guess it lacks the triple dash at the top, but that is actually the only warning I get from passing that abomination to yamllint) Similarly xq can be used to query XML files with the same language. However, to emit these files from json you need to use yq -x like so: $ yq -x '' example2.json <file> <first_list>element1</first_list> <first_list>element2</first_list> <first_list> <element3>is another k-v pair</element3> <but_contains>a</but_contains> <but_contains>list</but_contains> <but_contains>of</but_contains> <but_contains>words</but_contains> </first_list> <this_value_is_a_string>1</this_value_is_a_string> <and_this_is_a_number>23</and_this_is_a_number> <and_floating_point>1.413</and_floating_point> </file> where the original (modified) file example2.json looks like: { "file": { "first_list": [ "element1", "element2", { "element3": "is another k-v pair", "but_contains": [ "a", "list", "of", "words" ] } ], "this_value_is_a_string": "1", "and_this_is_a_number": 23, "and_floating_point": 1.413 } } So that the root dictionary has a single key-value pair and all the keys have no spaces in them (so that they can be made into xml tags). View the full article
  7. I discuss the subject of alcohol with my partner of sixteen years, Mrs. Honeyhume. While we agree on many subjects, alcohol is not one of them. She believes alcohol is an important experience, one to be shared with friends, and I dislike nearly everything about it. We discuss what we like/dislike about alcohol, our histories with it, and present our personal anecdotal evidence. View the full article
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  9. Layers are the feature that does most of the heavy lifting in GIMP. After our previous introduction, we start to get hands-on with the controls that let us work with Layers Links: View the full article
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  11. NEW 'Off The Hook' ONLINE Posted 14 Jan, 2021 2:29:56 UTC The new edition of Off The Hook from 01/13/2021 has been archived and is now available online. First show of the year, the insurrection was planned online, cries of censorship after Trump is banned from social media, reactions to the Jan 6 attack on the Capitol, Parler finds a new registrar, monitoring domain name registrations related to the insurrection, 70tb of Parler data leaked, information security consequences of the Capitol attack, contact info for Congress members who supported overturning the election available at "Off The Hook" - 01/13/2021 Download the torrent here View the full article
  12. Rust for the Linux kernel: Linus opinion on C++ in the Linux kernel: gdb: lldb: Novell's Netware: strace: ltrace: DTrace: ptrace: Capabilities: Extended attributes: inux eBPF: BCC: BCC toolchain: Linux kernel tracing: Cathy O'Neil's Weapons of Math Destruction: s_of_Math_Destruction Audacity: Jitsi (Meet): View the full article
  13. NEW 'Off The Wall' ONLINE Posted 13 Jan, 2021 2:14:21 UTC The new edition of Off The Wall from 01/12/2021 has been archived and is now available online. "Off The Wall" - 01/12/2021 Download the torrent here View the full article
  14. Basic Process Sample Collection Sample Transportation Nucleic Acid extraction and Purification Amplification and Detection Links View the full article
  15. The top ten are: Gas Tires Battery Hoses/Belts Fluids External Review dates Schedule replacement parts Clean up Choose for car wash A treat! Blog site: View the full article
  16. My review on the FP3 when it came out Two solutions for a free OS: lineage OS - free android with the Gapps removed the /e/ project !! A "de-googled" operating system - actually a fork of lineage OS - this is what I'm going to talk about here. The research paper on Google Data Collection by Professor Douglas C. Schmidt, Vanderbilt University (2018) - learn how and how often normal Android phones send your data to Google servers. Another background article on tracking (in German) based on research from a Norwegian journalist: MicroG services, a replacement for Google's libraries on /e/ with purely open-source implementations. The man behind the /e/ project: Gael Duval, pioneer of Open Source, Mandrake, Ulteo... His article outlining his vision for /e/ : You can buy a FP3 and an FP3 + with /e/ pre-installed here !! Installing on your phone: over 110 devices supported: from Asus to Google, to Oneplus and Xiaomi How to install it on the FP3 Install /e/ on FairPhone FP3 - FP3 | /e/ documentation Privacy ratings of apps: Alternative launchers: KISS launcher Simple launcher I recommended you add these apps: Antennapod - podcast client FairEmail or simple email Fennec (Firefox) Signal newpipe for watching youtube without being tracked Backup via adb is apparently broken | Not the fault of /e/!! You cannot simply flash a new recovery, such as TWRP, to flash images or backup, instead, you can use this method Donate or become a member to keep the project going: Feel free to add any comments below! Theme Music: Jazzhar, "Room with a View" CC-BY-SA, check him out on Jamendo and on Free Music Archive View the full article
  17. Did you know that you can get a driving license online? CONTACT THEM VIA WhatsApp........+44 7404 518117 How I bought my driving license online from ( you know that you can get a driving license online?, You can buy the license B, C, D, and so on. This is a story that i will like to share CONTACT THEM VIA WhatsApp........+44 7404 518117 I saw a post on the internet on how to buy a registered driving license. The contact besides was( and website I was desperate, and I needed a driving license for this new job opportunity that made things better for me. I immediately decided to contact them to see if it's really a true of driving license. One never knows. Once I contacted these guys, They responded immediately, saying that the price is £1200 and they need two photos, a scan of signature and some personal information as stated below. Name: Surname: Date and place of birth: Category: photo : Your signature Your address: Delivery address: WhatsApp........+44 7404 518117 SUPPORT SERVICES: They explained the procedure of obtaining the driving license within 5 days, and it was quite a serious and interesting deal. What should I do if I am in urgent need of this driving license. I decided to take the risk. No risk, No reward. I needed this document urgently for my job, and the earlier would be the better. I provided the necessary information, then I paid £600 as upfront. After I paid the money, I was stressed up. Very unstable. I wanted the process to end faster. It was like hell. 4 days later, I was contacted by Sodsai, saying that my driving license was ready for use. Wow!! that was like adrenaline secretion was finally ended. The next day i received a call from DHL to confirm that there was a package for me and I was immediately issued a tracking number. To tell the truth I did not believe so much in this story of buying driving licenses online. I just decided to give a try. I received the package, and inside was a book. I opened the book, and I saw my driving license . It was real! and the driving license was how I wanted. With the information I requested. Ready for use!!! Because I Went online to check my points and I realised that I had enough points to drive for the next 10 years and renew my driving license if expired. It seemed impossible, but the license for real resulted in my name. I sent 700 pounds to the guy instead of 600 , because i was so happy!! Now I got a descent job with the help of Sodsai, and benefiting from it. What i understood is that you need to have self confidence in other to succeed in life. I trusted myself and trusted my actions, I hope my experience inspires many readers. CONTACT THEM VIA WhatsApp........+44 7404 518117 SUPPORT SERVICES:
  18. I would bet at Zigbee or Bluetooth. You can use something like or similar alternatives to listen and see if you see anything come up. Bluetooth is the same boat Evaluation and Development Kits%2C Boards&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Shopping_Product_RF%2FIF and RFID_NEW&utm_term=&utm_content=RF Evaluation and Development Kits%2C Boards, just listen for traffic and narrow it down. Software-wise, there are a variety of solutions out there but, Btlejack you can use for Bluetooth, Zigbee you can use Wireshark paired with ti's packet sniffer.
  19. An adhoc show in traffic, about how sockets and 3 way switches work. View the full article
  20. There are a lot of benefits which any of the PMP certification holder can enjoy. For example: they will get a raise of twenty five percent right ahead of passing their PMP certification test. Besides getting boost in salary and other perks, they can also explore new project management jobs with more salary. With the PMP certification becoming high in demand, most of the employers now prefers project managers holding PMP certification. PMP certified will be preferred can be seen on many job advertisements. Therefore, it means that project management field has still quite good room to grow and this opportunity can be boosted more with the help of PMP certification. However, you will need to prepare for the exam and this PMP exam can be easily passed using spoto dumps. They are the question answers which can be solved and gain more hands on information asked in the PMP certification test.
  21. In this interview with Anco Scholte ter Horst, CEO Freedom Internet, we discuss the history of Internet in the Netherlands. How inspired by the work as XS4All, a new ISP was founded with privacy, security and quality at its core. From: XS4ALL was sold to KPN in December 1998, but remained an independent subsidiary. In January 2019, KPN announced that it would eventually phase out the XS4ALL brand and continue operations under the KPN brand. A petition and a special action commission was started to try to revert this decision, the petition has been signed over 50,000 times, signatories include ex-board members and founders of XS4ALL. In November 2019 the committee launched a new company named Freedom Internet, meant to serve as an ideological successor to XS4ALL, and supported by a crowdfunding action that raised 2.5 million euro. Freedom Internet initially offers e-mail hosting, and is meant to roll out its first DSL connections in early 2020. View the full article
  22. NEW 'Off The Wall' ONLINE Posted 06 Jan, 2021 2:02:39 UTC The new edition of Off The Wall from 01/05/2021 has been archived and is now available online. "Off The Wall" - 01/05/2021 Download the torrent here View the full article
  23. In this show I talk with Apostolos and Vasilis who I met at FOSDEM 2020 about the Pictor radio telescope which they created and now maintain. Using free and open source software and hardware they have made a radio telescope that anyone can operate via a simple web page and which can return results to you within a minute or two. In fact you'll hear me get excited during the show when I realise this and submit an observation request, the results of which came back immediately and which you can see below. To date Pictor has performed 3,500 observations from over 700 users from all around the world. Additionally, the PICTOR web platform is now equipped with a 3.2m antenna, which is about 4 times more sensitive than the previous 1.5m antenna, so users can observe the radio sky for free with an even more sensitive instrument. On top of that, after 204 hours of integration time and over 3 TB of data, they have produced a Northern Sky Hydrogen (HI) Survey produced with the PICTOR Radio Telescope. This effort actually marks the very first radio-image obtained in Greece, shown here: Pictor all sky images of hydrogen in our galaxy Here are the results of the observation I performed during the show. The body of the email pictor sent back to me confirms the observation I requested: Your observation has been carried out by PICTOR successfully! Observation name: mcnalu first try Observation datetime: 2020-12-08 12:40:09 (UTC+2) Center frequency: 1420000000.0 Hz Bandwidth: 2400000 Hz Sample rate: 2400000 samples/sec Number of channels: 2048 Number of bins: 100 Observation duration: 10 sec Observation ID: 82937104 Your observation's averaged spectrum, dynamic spectrum (waterfall) and Power vs Time plot are attached in this email as an image. And this is the plot attached to that email: Graphs showing raw and corrected radio spectra for mcnalu's observation request Please do have a go at using Pictor and let us know how you got on by recording an HPR show. View the full article
  24. As usual, I have botched up the show notes where they make absolutely no sense and I fully expect the ENTIRE HUMAN COMMUNITY from HPR to attack me endlessly over my incompetence. They just keep forgetting that I'm a squirrel who lives in a magical forrest and not a human being and therefore does terrible show notes, There were so many issues brought up about chromebooks and chromiumOS that I could not prepare a detailed list of them all. This ENTIRE conversation was derived from the work found on GNU WORLD ORDER episode 383 for which you will find his show notes AS::: "Linux, Flatpaks, Android apps, and ChromiumOS on a Lenovo Chromebook." Now, if you don't like my show notes and you do like this aliens show notes, then may I suggest your anti-squirrel and you need to be sent to a de-programming camp for rehabilitation. Remember, squirrels represent planet earth. View the full article
  25. As usual, I have botched up the show notes where they make absolutely no sense and I fully expect the ENTIRE HUMAN COMMUNITY from HPR to attack me endlessly over my incompetence. They just keep forgetting that I'm a squirrel who lives in a magical forrest and not a human being and therefore does terrible show notes, There were so many issues brought up about chromebooks and chromiumOS that I could not prepare a detailed list of them all. This ENTIRE conversation was derived from the work found on GNU WORLD ORDER episode 383 for which you will find his show notes AS::: "Linux, Flatpaks, Android apps, and ChromiumOS on a Lenovo Chromebook." Now, if you don't like my show notes and you do like this aliens show notes, then may I suggest your anti-squirrel and you need to be sent to a de-programming camp for rehabilitation. Remember, squirrels represent planet earth. View the full article
  26. Hey guys. I recently got a house. In this house I got a lamp socket, that is turn on and off by some wireless switch which contains a battery, The lamp socket and the wireless switch is pair with press on a button on first the lamp socket, then the switch. I been trying to figure out what it is, there is no serie number or model number on it. so got no idea what it is. What i hope to do. is trying to figure out the signal sent wireless. and hopefully spoof it. so i can make my own, that works with this. Do anyone have any idea on a way to figure out the signal, that could point me in the right direction. i would really help me out. Thanks for your time.
  27. New hosts Welcome to our new host: Pat from TLLTS. Last Month's Shows Id Day Date Title Host 3217 Tue 2020-12-01 Sump Minion Brian in Ohio 3218 Wed 2020-12-02 An introduction to Darktable Paul Quirk 3219 Thu 2020-12-03 Linux Inlaws S01E18: Voice Recognition and Text to Speech monochromec 3220 Fri 2020-12-04 PixelFed Ahuka 3221 Mon 2020-12-07 HPR Community News for November 2020 HPR Volunteers 3222 Tue 2020-12-08 Musings about writing a book about the Odoo software suite Jeroen Baten 3223 Wed 2020-12-09 My COVID year summary b-yeezi 3224 Thu 2020-12-10 Adventures in Retrocomputing with the Mac Plus Paul Quirk 3225 Fri 2020-12-11 Grill repair operat0r 3226 Mon 2020-12-14 Using taskwarrior to structurize your work Jeroen Baten 3227 Tue 2020-12-15 Fresh water Aquarium Basics Enigma 3228 Wed 2020-12-16 YAML basics klaatu 3229 Thu 2020-12-17 Linux Inlaws S01E19: Redis monochromec 3230 Fri 2020-12-18 Introduction to Layers Ahuka 3231 Mon 2020-12-21 USB Key ToeJet 3232 Tue 2020-12-22 Nextcloud klaatu 3233 Wed 2020-12-23 HPR RPG Club reviews Shadowrun 5e klaatu 3234 Thu 2020-12-24 Apple products I have owned swift110 3235 Fri 2020-12-25 Soldering Tips operat0r 3236 Mon 2020-12-28 The State of Linux Audio Apps in 2020 Pat from TLLTS 3237 Tue 2020-12-29 Cloning a Hard Drive with Clonezilla Jon Kulp 3238 Wed 2020-12-30 Linux Inlaws S01E20: The Xmas and New Year Special monochromec 3239 Thu 2020-12-31 New Community Project Proposal Enigma Comments this month These are comments which have been made during the past month, either to shows released during the month or to past shows. There are 18 comments in total. Past shows There are 3 comments on 3 previous shows: hpr3090 (2020-06-05) "Locating Computer on a Enterprise Network" by operat0r. Comment 3: nstr on 2020-12-01: "wow" hpr3158 (2020-09-09) "Fingerprint access control? LOL... " by Cedric De Vroey. Comment 3: crust punk on 2020-12-03: "untitled" hpr3207 (2020-11-17) "Fireside chat with E Nigma" by Ken Fallon. Comment 1: operat0r on 2020-12-04: "old days" This month's shows There are 15 comments on 8 of this month's shows: hpr3218 (2020-12-02) "An introduction to Darktable" by Paul Quirk. Comment 1: Kevin O'Brien on 2020-12-03: "Another great show" Comment 2: Ray Arachelian on 2020-12-06: "would have been useful to have this podcast as a video instead" Comment 3: Ken Fallon on 2020-12-08: "Supporting Video" hpr3220 (2020-12-04) "PixelFed" by Ahuka. Comment 1: sesamemucho on 2020-12-05: "A complete and conclusive report" Comment 2: Ahuka on 2020-12-05: "You are most welcome" hpr3223 (2020-12-09) "My COVID year summary" by b-yeezi. Comment 1: Brian-in-ohio on 2020-12-12: "compliment" Comment 2: b-yeezi on 2020-12-21: "re: compliment" hpr3226 (2020-12-14) "Using taskwarrior to structurize your work" by Jeroen Baten. Comment 1: Jon Kulp on 2020-12-16: "I like it but probably won't switch completely" Comment 2: Dave Morriss on 2020-12-20: "Write a manual!" hpr3227 (2020-12-15) "Fresh water Aquarium Basics" by Enigma. Comment 1: Jon Kulp on 2020-12-16: "Pictures!" hpr3231 (2020-12-21) "USB Key" by ToeJet. Comment 1: Windigo on 2020-12-29: "Great technique" hpr3232 (2020-12-22) "Nextcloud" by klaatu. Comment 1: the pro on 2020-12-22: "this is a nice group" Comment 2: Ken Fallon on 2020-12-22: "Upgrade via the UI ?" Comment 3: Kevin O'Brien on 2020-12-23: "Good inspiration!" hpr3236 (2020-12-28) "The State of Linux Audio Apps in 2020" by Pat from TLLTS. Comment 1: ClaudioM on 2020-12-28: "Links for the Episode" Mailing List discussions Policy decisions surrounding HPR are taken by the community as a whole. This discussion takes place on the Mail List which is open to all HPR listeners and contributors. The discussions are open and available on the HPR server under Mailman. The threaded discussions this month can be found here: Events Calendar With the kind permission of we are linking to The Community Calendar. Quoting the site: This is the community event calendar, where we track events of interest to people using and developing Linux and free software. Clicking on individual events will take you to the appropriate web page. Any other business Tags and Summaries Thanks to the following contributor for sending in updates in the past month: Windigo Over the period tags and/or summaries have been added to 3 shows which were without them. If you would like to contribute to the tag/summary project visit the summary page at and follow the instructions there. View the full article
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