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  3. So here is an interesting thing... I have a few extra translation cards sitting here. One in particular actually came with the switch, and I was unable to crack the password for even the cust account since it was not set as the default passwords. I figured since I now had the init password for the processor that I would be able to get into that translation and mess around like I was able to the two other translation cards I have. Well it seems that the init password for this translation card is set different. I get the "INCORRECT LOGIN" message. So I decided to go into HyperTerminal to get the translation file as described in one of the first replies on this thread. I opened the file in notepad, but it doesn't look at all like what I had from the ram dump I posted the other day. I would like to be able to figure out the passwords for myself and not ask for help each time (though I very much appreciate the help thus far). But I wouldn't even know where to begin with this one. So I'm posting the file I have here to see if you can figure out if the translation has it's own init password set. grstrans
  4. Recently seen on Quora:
    "Why are DVDs nostalgic?...(2017)"

    Jerome Jackson
    Answered 6w ago
    I dont believe that this question would occur to anyone but someone that has gone all the way to ?streaming? or ?smallscreenin? for their movie watching needs.

    Nostagia is (my description) a way to fondly remember a good time. At times placed on material things like cars, vcrs or dvd?s. Although ?I? dont see optical discs as ready for the nostalgia bin, if you do so its because you remember how it was when they served a bigger part in your life. Maybe every Friday you went out and bought a few discs but no longer do. Now years later, you remember the good times when you did so, maybe having a conversation with the cute cashier with the crooked smile. Or when on the way back, you drove a few blocks with the headlights off - dumb but its what you did. Or it became a part of a ritual where you got a 2 litre pepsi, 2 slices of pizza and always played the horror movie first.

    DVD?s can become nostalgic because now that you have put them down and gone the way of the ?stream?, there is no longer the cute cashier with the crooked smile, the headlights off, the 2 litre pepsi or the first horror movie. You miss the good times.


    I don't miss CDs much, because I still regularly use them, but I do miss popping the headlights off on the way home from the Sam Goody's after work (out of business), the 2-liter pepsi, the large Hawaiian from Round Table and stacks of them blaring on the changer with the christmas lights strung across the ceiling on, or the lava lamp (or both).

    But then there's nothing saying you can't be 19 again and relive those times. Goody got it years ago but there are others around if you look for them, cute cashiers with crooked smiles still exist (though maybe they're too young for you now (but what the fuck man, 40's the new 20)) Pepsi and large Hawaiian takeaway pizzas from Round Table aren't going anywhere either.

    "There's no point to growing up if you can't be childish sometimes." -Doctor Who

    1. tekio


      All I know is that I can pick up some decent movies at WalMart on DVD or now even 1080p for 5.99 - 9.99. Recently got all three Matrix releases for 9.99 on 1080p blueray. Maybe the best 9.99 I've ever spent. 

  5. @ThoughtPhreaker Thanks a billion!!! I'm in with the password you supplied!
  6. When I received my CMC box, it came with the disc from the individual who had given it to me.
  7. I may have a copy that came as part of a backup of some super sketchy Russian FTP. When I get home, I'll look into that, among some other things, and finish writing up the aforementioned Definity unlocking stuff.
  8. @MakeAvayaRedGreatAgain How did you get your copy of ASA?
  9. I'm lucky to have ASA, but like Putty works too if you don't have access to a copy. I have not had issues with function keys when I had to Putty it for another situation. In any situation, I try to use AT&T's 513 or 4410 to get in because the switch revolved around AT&T's own dummy terminals. Safe to be native if you can! It looks you've gotten the hang of it!
  10. This is all really quite interesting. I am familiar with the stamp placement thing. In fact during times when I've had to write letters to people in the past as my sole means of communication and sent over 7 pages requiring 2 stamps and also wanted to ensure a reply I would place a stamp in the normal place and below it in the same column i would place the 2nd stamp.. instead of placing them side by side as one is taught to normally do.. the machine would miss post-marking the 2nd stamp; thus in my letter I'd instruct the recipient to respond to my letter using the stamp on the outside envelope that wasn't hit by the post mark... This is how I got replies to my letters while incarcerated without the recipients being too lazy or "forgetting" to go get stamps.. Are you still participating in this msg board? I'd like to get in contact with you and perhaps have you write an article for a zine or something one day.
  11. If you feel like using putty, one thing I've had some particular success with in minicom are the VT220 function codes. It's been a while since I've had a Windows machine hooked directly up to the Definity, but I think this works roughly the same. In VT220 mode, the shift+Fx keys should be mapped to the Definity function keys. For example, shift+F5 is help, shift+F7 is confirm. Page up/down are mapped normally, and cancel works as delete. On some notebooks, sometimes the function keys will move around a bit, so you'll wind up with shift+f3 or something doing what you want. It takes some trial and error, but once you've got it down, it relieves a lot of terminal headaches.
  12. I’ve actually tried TuTTY. I saw a warning that the function keys weren’t fully operational in the latest version. I did encounter problems when I tried using them, the emulator would start acting weird. Is there a version of it that actually works properly?
  13. I use TuTTY, a variant of putty made by a Russian guy. If you set the keyboard to at&t 513, it will pop up a message box asking if you are connecting to an AT&T product, say yes and it will set itself up just like avaya terminal emulator.
  14. @MakeAvayaRedGreatAgain What do you use for regular admin tasks on the switch? I really haven’t had an issue using procomm for the stuff I was doing before this. It’s just annoying to have to use the escape codes in HyperTerminal. I tried PuTTY, but of course same issue with having to use escape codes. Of course I’d love to get my hands on a copy of Avaya Site Administration, but I don’t think Avaya would sell me a copy (it’s probably expensive, too).
  15. Wow! Thanks! I kinda wish I was on vacation tbh. And I feel like I owe you a [root] beer for this! And I’m also curious how you coverted the hex to usable info to extract that password.
  16. I'll update this post with some more info when I'm not getting ready for work, but for now, the password for your release 6 card is '0nvacat10n'. Nothing like a cute little Definity word scramble to start your day. I guess you just had a different build than the other release 6 I unlocked.
  17. Ok.... so here is the dump from the processor. I hope I saved it in a way that it can be used (I checked it in notepad, and it looks like it captured everything). grs033 dump
  18. It dumps the entire RAM contents - so theres going to a lot of lines. For me I tried to get the contents using HyperTerminal (was using an XP laptop) and checked the screen logging before logging in and performed the specific commands ThoughtPhreaker instructed. Procomm and Avaya are typically not the best marriage in heaven to manage.
  19. ThoughtPhreaker, the password in option C didn't work, unfortunately. I got in and went into the interface you mentioned. I didn't realize it was going to dump that much hex on me! How would you recommend I retrieve it and post it? I'm using a very old version of Procomm Plus to access the switch.
  20. It's been too long BinRev! Who wants to see what I've been up to?

  21. I recommend a sticky or a blog post or something where it's concise because I think many who have came here from a Google search are not Tier 3 admins. I would ask CJ from PBX How Tos (since he was a Tier 3 Avaya guy) since he flaunted that he "defaulted his PBX" in a YouTube video a few years back; but I think he's ether dead or playing possum.
  22. Try booting the system without a card and logging in as inads. The command 'go debugger local' should be available from the command interface, though not listed. At the debug interface, type this: rd -f 2000000x pam 0x400000 . If you post the dump on here, I can filter the output to reflect the actual binary it's dumping pretty easily. If you want to just upload it, I can A) tell you the password, B ) tell you what ram address and commands you need to use to change it, or C) we can skip all this crap, and you can just try the password 'e5peranto'. If I remember right, that's the release 6 init password. A little less fun, but it gets you what you need.
  23. I've heard about these things a small few times on the Doorbell tapes and Alan's tape apparently even has him calling through one on his BT line in England. I know he's explained them but I barely understand what he's talking about. Maybe somebody can dumb it down for a braindead phreak show like me? And why are they called that anyways? For some reason when Evan mentions fiddles I always seem to envision this weird electromechanical device at the CO shaped like a string instrument with a bunch of wires coming out of it.
  24. Being Pythonic about things.

    1. TheFunk


      So long as you're being completely pythonic and not being 3-5 python 2.7 modules sprinkled into a larger project written in some other language like C.

    2. tekio


      from future export __past__  :D

  25. 9936 doesn't seem to respond to 3-column DTMF. Maybe A/B/C/D or MF might do something? I would try it but I don't have access to a silver box. I get the impression this is probably a dialtone into some test machine or a backdoor into a PBX of some sort and needs some sort of alternate method to break the tone and give access. It also just repeats for me and doesn't time out. Pauses for a couple seconds then repeats the cycle indefinitely.
  26. So I stumbled upon this post. I have a Definity Prologix switch I aquired. It has a release 6 processor (TN798B). I have now booted the switch with no translation card. I went into RVA, but I'm a little confused as to what command I would use to change the init password. Could you elaborate as to what I should do?
  27. 617-534-0000 - Voicemail unavailable recording. 15A announcement machine (the kind the 5ESS uses) on a DMS-100? 617-248-9901 - Permanent signal announcement 617-248-9902 - Dial 1+NPA for toll calls rec 617-248-9970 - rec, "We're sorry, your call cannot be completed as dialed. You need additional digits to complete your call. This is a recording." 617-638-9905 - "This is an emergency telephone. Press 1 to talk..." 252-441-4392 - Norstar key system at Carolina Telephone Kill Devil Hills CO. Press * for options 207-442-9923 - Modem 207-442-9932 - 480 hertz tone!? Times out to ACB cause code 207-442-9936 - 620+480 hertz tone, times out to ACB cause code Those last two I'm really scratching my head on.
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