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  4. 9936 doesn't seem to respond to 3-column DTMF. Maybe A/B/C/D might do something? I would try it but I don't have access to a silver box. It also just repeats for me and doesn't time out. Pauses for a couple seconds then repeats the cycle indefinitely.
  5. So I stumbled upon this post. I have a Definity Prologix switch I aquired. It has a release 6 processor (TN798B). I have now booted the switch with no translation card. I went into RVA, but I'm a little confused as to what command I would use to change the init password. Could you elaborate as to what I should do?
  6. 617-534-0000 - Voicemail unavailable recording. 15A announcement machine (the kind the 5ESS uses) on a DMS-100? 617-248-9901 - Permanent signal announcement 617-248-9902 - Dial 1+NPA for toll calls rec 617-248-9970 - rec, "We're sorry, your call cannot be completed as dialed. You need additional digits to complete your call. This is a recording." 617-638-9905 - "This is an emergency telephone. Press 1 to talk..." 252-441-4392 - Norstar key system at Carolina Telephone Kill Devil Hills CO. Press * for options 207-442-9923 - Modem 207-442-9932 - 480 hertz tone!? Times out to ACB cause code 207-442-9936 - 620+480 hertz tone, times out to ACB cause code Those last two I'm really scratching my head on.
  7. Anybody caught spamming for "dumps", "fullz", credit card lists, phone number lists, password lists or anything of that sort, for free or for profit, will meet their creator in /dev/null if they are found anywhere on this site! Such sercvices are not only 100% illegal but they have absolutely nothing to do with hacking. This site is not the place to be advertising for-profit illicit services. If you post these you can expect to have your ass permabanned. I really hope we're clear on this. Note that this warning does NOT extend to the legitimate exchange scans/"jans" posted for research purposes in Old Skool Phreaking. Here is an example of the type of material that will get you in deep shit if you post it here (typos left unedited, for perspective):
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  9. trojan

    I actually worked in tech support for AOL back in those days. At 19-20 something was the best job ever. Not only did I get free "all you can eat" Internet back in the early 90's; but they paid me overtime to browse the web all day/night long while helping people put a CD in a computer and configure a modem. There really was no downside until they finally went out of business.
  10. Damn, you've been busy! Thanks for taking a look. The thing on 6091, for whatever it's worth, seems to accept some commands preceeded with a *. So for example, *1 will keep waiting; usually for a * to terminate whatever you're dialing. *3 seems to consistently wait for more digits after you press a terminating *. When it picks up, it spits out *9 and a bunch of zeroes. I think ten. Some of those modems on there are indeed, well, modems, but whatever this stupid PBX is will hear the 2100 hertz handshake tone and start trying to impose T.38 on the connection. Needless to say, it's as unnecessary as it is annoying; the connection to the outside is done over a PRI or some other T1-based thing. But yeah - sorry nobody responded to you; you definitely deserved one a lot sooner. If you feel like taking a look at the other exchange, it can't hurt, but I honestly don't have high hopes for fun stuff.
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  12. I'd appreciate that, hit me up via PM. Going into the Definity was a little intimidating, but that was just at the surface level. I get that point about the phones being dumb (that's why it was called "Voice Terminals" in the first place!). Yeah the parts are cheap, easy to repair (allegedly), there are other reasons why using virtualization and modern gateways could be argued. I got my CMC box only because that individual was moving there wasn't a location where the thing could be in a proper location without a fan being blared at all times. That individual had gotten a Mitel 3300 box (from another cutover) and actually unplugged the fan modules and given the light traffic of it, it isn't a problem. But what for other folks? I don't think you can unlock CM 4x+ for say a virtual appliance and tie it to a G250/G350, etc... see use case? I guess that case could can quickly go nowhere. And this is where I kinda not agree. I think given the very nerdy nature of "Avaya", that was how the UCx was born. If they turn things down on such ideas because one doesn't know how to code... I think they should be taught sensitivity as a mandate and learn that the rest of the world don't think like them and have to respect it. I find people with engineering/coding backgrounds to have a very low respect for the moderate technical people (to your point above.) There needs to be a balance between the nerds and the geeks, and the nether folks too. The rest could be going off topic, so if anyone inferred that I would be the lead developer/leader of said project, it would be way up my IQ and pay scale! (Apologies for misspelling "assemble" earlier)
  13. trojan

    Ahh AOHell Those were the good old days. Not hacking but just stupid harmless phun. (misty-eyed with nostalgia)
  14. I can see about trying to get you documentation on the Avaya DCP signaling protocol if you want, but what you're talking about would take an extremely significant amount of reverse engineering and development to accomplish. Especially considering the phones themselves are essentially dumb terminals; everything that makes them unique is on the PBX. Given that Definity parts are cheap, easy to find and repair if necessary, and at least with older systems completely unlockable now, I think you'll find more motivation to extend the life of the existing systems around here. You'll probably find people to be twice as hesitant to embark on any sort of coding project if you don't like to contribute any code.
  15. Looks like you were right; the number is going to a Singtel not in service announcement now. I guess now is our golden opportunity to try and figure out what it's routing over. The carrier tromboning their way over to what's probably Singapore (actually, does Singtel have any end offices in Malaysia? The C5 circuits were always on specifically Malaysian conference numbers. For whatever it's worth, I tried routing to them explicitly over the Singtel direct service and it never gave me any C5 cheeps) will cycle through several routes before eventually giving up. I guess after Intercall and Genesys merged, the old Genesys stuff was considered redundant. It was always really hard to find conference numbers on this thing. I always chalked it up to non-Americans not feeling the impulse to share everything; US conferences are disproportionately easier to find than, say, Canadian or Mexican ones. But shut down plans probably make more sense.
  16. First of all, virtually all of these involve illegal services and have absolutely nothing to do with hacking. Second, virtually all of these are one-offs by clueless n00blet SPAMmerz, typically in foreign lands, posting in violation of the TOS. These are practically always adverts for illegal commercial computer intrusion services for for-profit sale, etc. This ban extends to spammers hawking lists of credit card, phone, social security etc. numbers and similar "doxxing" services. DO NOT FOR ANY REASON EVEN THINK ABOUT POSTING SHIT LIKE THAT TO THIS SITE. Got it? Binrev is a site to discuss computer security issues, technological and scientific developments and promote the advancement of hacking as a science and an art. THIS IS NOT A CLEARING HOUSE FOR YOU TO SELL YOUR ILLEGAL SERVICES. If I or any of the other mods find you have been misusing it as such your post will be removed and I WILL BAN YOUR SORRY CRIMINAL ASS IN A HEART BEAT! I really hope we're clear on this.
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  18. When someone tells you "Avaya" - they think the old Nortel. And I am freckin jealous they have all the fun. Any familiar with the UCx phone system? Some Nortel alums left and took some Asterisk distro (not sure what one) since FreePBX supported the UniSTIM protocol and guess what? You can put more than just Nortel VOIP terminals. All their digital terminals since 1988 and present (including the Norstar) can connect just fine. All you need is a gateway that has an Ethernet board and the gateway will link up with the UCx. Again why does Nortel have all the fun? I don't want to see CLAN boards just disappear, as well as the legacy DCP and IP sets. This has been an assault to the original Avaya community. Has anyone taken the challenge of reverse-engineering the Avaya stuff to make their own UCx killer? Protocols are totally different, and all I know is their H323 IP port is 1709. And I hate coding, so I can't assumable such thing. Despite the FUD, Nortel systems will for many years to come be "alive and well". Avaya? Not so much. Since Cisco has outpaced Avaya in 95% of the Fortune 500 and given how Avaya will emerge from bankruptcy other than their call center software that they will market, I think Avaya is really dead. So has anyone gotten deeper (other than the classic Definity thread) with the internals of any of their "Avaya Red"/Lucent/AT&T systems?
  19. I think to quote myself again... Meaning it's a POTS phone that connects to an IP network. Oh so I can check my weather, Oh I can put my "stupid dog" as a backdrop. I guess call appearances, features can't be programmed to a button with lamps is not their priority years later? Why should my DND be an icon or words on the screen, why can't I have it as a button with a lamp? It's the nerds way of pushing "their way is the only way and if you don't like it - you're old"... This was kinda off topic to be honest. Too technical on a simple narrative. And also real guys do NOT use Cisco for VOIP routing. I mean really...
  20. Firefox 55:

    "Look ma! No back button! No forward button! No legacy/unsigned plugins support! No getting rid of that stupid tab bar! No status line! No throbber! No way at all of judging its state! No usefulness!"

    1. tekio


      No throbber? Now that is an issue.

  21. I'm currently on Firefox 17 and mostly happy with it. I had the misfortune of seeing a "modern" Firefox tonight. If FF17 were a drum Audichron then 55.0.3 is like Cognitronics's early 80s digital units.

    Firefox 55: "Bleh! What is THAT?!?" -Evan

  22. A noob could spend 10-15 years in sheer frustration, if they start out with coding exploits from scratch. :-P
  23. In order to be a "real hacker" (whatever the fuck that means) you need to have more than knowledge of how computers work, you need to have the will to experiment, make mistakes, learn from them, try things and work them out, first and foremost. The rest will eventually fall into place on its own.
  24. Long time lurker.... registered recently..... first post... I know this thread is a bit old, figured I could be of some assistance here: Auto-scanned the 630713XXXX exchange (Took about ~15 hours), then did some manual checking: Number Auto-Scan Result Manual Scan, Comments 6307130025 VOICE Voicemail 6307130027 VOICE Subscriber 6307130107 VOICE Voicemail 6307130138 VOICE Voicemail (Nokia) 6307130460 VOICE UMTS Operations Support Group (Nokia -- "Please try again in 15 minutes") 6307130484 VOICE "We're sorry, but the blackout period for the transtition of the 401k record keeper is in effect on January 6th, please call back on January 7th." Repeats, then hangs up. 6307130563 VOICE Subscriber 6307130760 VOICE "Thank you for calling the Nokia workplace resources call center." 6307130869 VOICE Voicemail 6307130990 VOICE Voicemail Access Number, with working directory. 6307130996 VOICE Voicemail Access Number, with working directory. 6307131006 VOICE Subscriber 6307131229 VOICE Subscriber 6307131265 VOICE "Sorry, this automated attendant number is not available at the moment, goodbye." 6307131292 VOICE Subscriber 6307131304 VOICE "The called extension is busy" >> Voicemail 6307131329 VOICE Subscriber 6307131335 VOICE Ring >> Reorder 6307131553 VOICE Voicemail 6307131984 FAX Fax tones 6307132349 FAX Fax tones 6307133200 VOICE Voicemail Access Number, with working directory. 6307133678 FAX Possibly a modem. 6307134150 VOICE Subscriber 6307134389 VOICE Subscriber 6307134433 VOICE Voicemail 6307134484 VOICE Subscriber 6307134633 VOICE Voicemail 6307134967 VOICE Voicemail 6307135012 VOICE Voicemail 6307135163 VOICE Voicemail (reads back extension number) 6307135305 FAX Possibly a modem. 6307135353 VOICE Voicemail 6307135400 VOICE Voicemail 6307136056 FAX Fax tones 6307136081 FAX Fax tones 6307136082 FAX Fax tones 6307136091 VOICE Possibly an elevator?? Buzzing/Static on line. Hangs up with #. 6307136153 VOICE Another elevator phone? Hangs up with # again. 6307137073 VOICE Subscriber 6307137163 VOICE Voicemail 6307137180 VOICE Voicemail 6307137339 VOICE Subscriber 6307138416 VOICE Subscriber 6307138507 VOICE Voicemail 6307138668 VOICE Voicemail 6307138761 VOICE Voicemail 6307139039 VOICE Voicemail 6307139328 VOICE Voicemail 6307139379 VOICE Subscriber 6307139650 VOICE Voicemail 6307139764 VOICE Voicemail 6307139885 VOICE Subscriber 6307139988 VOICE Voicemail If there's any interest I can run a scan on 630979XXXX.
  25. I don't think the older units use packetized transport internally. Not sure about the newer ones. It's like the Panasonic "pure IP" PBXes that have a H.100 bus xD . While I don't have very high regard for the Callmanager (and I understand it's regarded as quite cumbersome internally), I wouldn't personally write Cisco off so quickly. Internally, if nothing else, they seem to judge protocols by their performance, and don't give a huge amount of stock to industry thinking. For example, they have a fairly expansive internal ISDN network. The WebEx stuff as well all has TDM trunks to the PSTN too. That being said, I just wound up buying a used IAD2431 router at gewt's suggestion, and will probably using it to connect my Definity to my POTS line; the CO trunk card is leaving a few things to be desired. I guess I'll find out for certain soon what a Cisco TDM experience is really like. Getting back to the thread's original focus though, I have a friend who worked for a CLEC a few years ago. The CLEC was mulling the idea of starting a wireless network, and was weighing what to use as an MSC and base stations. They contacted Alcatel-Lucent about the idea of getting a 5ESS, and as it turns out, they wouldn't sell you any mobile gear without one! Though unfortunately, they also wanted some price into the seven figures for a 5E. Also, has anybody dialed on an analog line from a 5ESS-2000? From what I understand, they're mostly in newer installations; CLECs and such, but they redesigned the space division stage that uses relays to connect you to a line card. If I understand right, it sounds different from the more common 5ESS noises.
  26. That one's phone line sounds like it's picking up a radio station! Either that or I got a really bad trunk to Alaska. EDIT: 650-877-3585 is an ATIS system for an airport. ( Interestingly, it seems that most of the ATIS systems in use at major airports use DECtalk.
  27. So recently, Gewt pointed me to some strange wind measuring thingies that sit on phone lines: 505-243-8664 - Other Windtalker 408-776-0101 - Windtalker 505-891-1733 - Windtalker 888-700-9279 - Windtalker 209-826-9019 - Windtalker 907-694-3017 - Windtalker 650-877-3585 - Windtalker replacement? Uses DECTalk Here's the closest thing to a manual: 314-658-1205 - Thingie on a Definity in an AT&T Toll office. 121T/HIllsboro more specifically. It answers with three * tones, and will eventually flash if you just sit there. A modem comes on out of nowhere (which will prompt for a station number of some sort if you connect) eventually. If it hangs up on you, you'll get some hold music before it returns you back to the thing that sends three * tones.
  28. Come to think about it, I see what you mean. I know some history on Ma Bell, but I guess I thought I knew more than I do.
  29. I'm going to leave profanity out of my reply, but I guess there is a disconnect between the enterprise and carrier. I'd strongly would be carefully mixing VOIP and TDM thoughts together. You can use VOIP-enabled systems (in the enterprise) without using VOIP. Or VOIP enable systems through a private network. A lot of the rack and stack carriers say the Avaya and Nortel connect in the similar fashion to their legacy counter parts, and for Avaya Red, I believe the G700s could be tied on the back with straight cables. The IP Office too in older models, with separate units being tied WITHOUT IP. I guess it makes sense it's packet based, but it's not the packets that I dunno say the ISP side of carriers. In regards to a softswitch, I'm not going to it's bull from marketing. Theoretically the software that makes and receive calls are software based. Most of the CPU of the ESS is software anyways as well. It's just down to an app. If we are going to derail the subject with Cisco, well Cisco is hypocritical - they have their own standards. I'm in the process of decommissioning a Cisco network and put ABC - that is Anythng But Cisco solutions. Let me tell you I regained 20 years of my IT/IS lifespan back. I would refrain from comparing Cisco to Ma Bell. I am not sure if you know the history that well (my museum site is currently down for a long time) but I am working on writing up that history for another outlet.) The 7900s are built well, but they do hog a lot of power and it's almost a 2/564 just with an IP stack. It can't compare to an Avaya, heck even a Nortel set in terms of features, lamp indicators - or even line appearances more than the buttons on the set themselves. Cisco is basic telephony with an IP stack over it.
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