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  3. True, but if they want a method that doesn't cost someone else money, they could buy an ATA, and get an SIP provider that allows outdialing to the PSTN.
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  5. How are you even able to call out from OSPSes these days? A couple of years ago AT&T got rid of their calling cards, so I haven't been able to explore OSPS systems like I used to. Unless you still managed to keep a working card somehow? And are you using the CVS technique to get to them or something else?
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  7. Wouldn't recommend those ways to reach the conf for a long costs the people on CNET money. W/o their permission it is, truthfully, toll fraud.
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  9. Hello everyone, I recently had a good friend move to the Cook Islands, and internet data is VERY expensive over there, so a traditional VoIP app like WhatsApp or Skype is still going to cost her a lot of data. My question: is there a way to initiate a call on my end in the United States via some type of VoIP app or something similar and make the call to her mobile phone or landline in the Cook Islands without incurring a charge on my end or her needing data on her end. I have found in my research a few such options for calling lines in larger countries, but nothing for a country as small as the Cook Islands. I figure you guys are probably the most knowledgeable bunch on the planet when it comes to phones so I thought it couldn't hurt to ask here. Thanks in advance for any help!
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  12. New users SHOULD go to the "Welcome New People" thread in Nubie HQ at some point within your first few posts or so and introduce yourself to the world (handles only; never post your real name). You don't HAVE to if you don't want to, but it builds goodwill and helps others to know you better. Seriously. Linxz0rz:
  13. 8797 goes to CVS Helpline, 0102 from here goes directly to CVS Security. also 8798 to cvs caresomthingoranother, 8027 is some other pbx or something, then 0102 is the conference line.
  14. The ability to use OSPS seems to be on a switch-by-switch basis. I'm not quite sure what the pattern is, but if you want to scope this out, I encourage you to check every office you can locally.
  15. 4072889099 - Male voice: We're sorry the person you've dialed is unavailable, please try again later. (same thing in spanish) Message 2 Switch 434. Female voice: We're sorry your call cannot be completed as dialed.
  16. Hello everyone! I'm Blier1952 and I'm new here. I have some experience in programming (C++ and Python) and I would like to learn more about hacking. I think we can help ourselves! Thank you for accepting my invitation!
  17. 866-862-4867, I don't know a passcode. - A conference bridge
  18. Seems to stop the tone when hitting 0 on MF, then hangs up. I will investigate more and edit. EDIT: Actually stops the tone upon any MF digits being pressed. Then hangs up.
  19. I talked on the conference line to Don (the guy who runs the asterisk box,) the website can't be updated. He doesn't have access to it to make changes to it.
  20. Apparently you can also do KP-NPA-xxx-yyyy-ST to outdial to the PSTN from Project MF. (God, how many decades since I've last talked about actually boxing a call?) Reading through that list it's amazing how much "improvement" it could use. For example, I should send them some of my intercept recordings I've collected over the years to put on their own codes. There's also a very good DOS program, "Phreakmaster", that doesn't need NET framework at all though these days it would require somethinglike DOS Box; that could go in the description of software blue boxes. // not actually complaining there, but...
  21. Go to sign up there, ask on the mailing list how to connect via direct SIP, then dial to a bridge number for the PSTN, then dial to the bridge. ---OR--- SIP to Project MF ( ), use a bluebox to dial KP-2602-ST and dial into the bridge
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  23. Hello, my name is Zio, Im new as hell and dont know shit. Looking forward to figuring things out. \../
  24. No dice in Pittsburgh.
  25. I love that doing low-level tasks is just as simple as it's always been -- apparently getting a serial console set up with systemd is a real chore. I haven't tried it, but Sark has and apparently can *not* get the configuration to be persistent! Router looks good! It's nice to have the right bracket instead of just cutting the top off with a hacksaw
  26. Wow, setting up a serial console in OpenBSD is really freaking simple. Here's how you do it on amd64 systems (summarized from Edit /etc/ttys and change tty00 "/usr/libexec/getty std.9600" unknown off to tty00 "/usr/libexec/getty std.9600" vt220 on secure vt220 is the terminal emulation type (there are others if you which to experiment), on obviously enables console output to the tty interface, and secure allows root login from the tty. Next, you want to enable the serial console with the boot loader. It's literally one line to do this: echo "set tty com0" >> /etc/boot.conf Connect your favorite null modem cable to the serial interface, set your terminal application (or actual hardware terminal) to 9600 baud, 8N1, flow control none/off, reboot the box, and you should have serial console awesomeness.
  27. The half height bracket I ordered for the NIC arrived earlier this week. Had a few minutes to install it today. Also took the opportunity to give the thing a nice dose of compressed air. She's now complete...for now at any rate. :-D The only other addition I am going to make is adding a second (I guess third counting onboard) NIC when I subscribe to a second ISP. I eventually want to compare the local cable provider to the current VDSL service I have to see if it's worth switching. Actually, I need to set up a serial console. Then she'll be complete.
  28. link to album: I ended up with this little Teltone TLS2 "Test Line Simulator" from an equipment pick-up last fall. It's basically an analog two-line PBX: it's microcontroller driven and provides dialtone, ringing, and will let you call between the two ports. One port is station 40, the other is station 29. There's a switch for ground start or loop start for each port, presumably that's to allow for testing old PBX trunks that use ground start. I'd verified that it works with two telephones, but hadn't tried modems with it. I plugged a 2400 bps external modem into a SPARCstation 2 that was on the bench and set it up as a modem line. Pretty basic setup, just update /etc/gettytab for your line specs and /etc/ttytab to enable getty on the chosen serial port. It'd been so long since I had to set up a modem port on SunOS 4.x, I forgot about running ttysoftcar (TTY Soft Carrier detect) so the line wouldn't auto-answer at first. Closeup of the hardware, sit back and enjoy der blinkenlights: SS2 connects to the main network over 10base2/ThinNet The "client" end is a Leading Edge Model D (DOS PC) with an internal modem: Works fine! Even attached a screen session and IRCed over the link!
  29. I've had a few people report that in some areas where this doesn't work yet you home off of a 5ESS toll tandem (and can dial 101-0288# and get a dialtone from it), sometimes dialing 101-0288# and then 0 at the dialtone will work. I'm beginning to think this has less to do with the office you're coming out of, and more to do with something in the SS7 initial address message. EDIT: I'll try to confirm, but this exception may not apply to payphones.
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