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  2. That is a nice Digium backpack.
  3. I have br0 set up that is used as the network interface for all of my VMs as well as management for the host itself. All of the other VMs I run (mix of CentOS and Debian) can sustain ~50 MB/sec transfer rates over the network, so it's weird. Only one network interface is currently assigned to the bridge interface.
  4. Huh, interesting. I run a similar setup on most of my hypervisors (Slackware though, not CentOS). I'm getting better than 12 MB/sec sustained on a big DB dump, but not gigabit speed. Are you also using a standard Linux layer 2 bridge for what the virtio device is connected to?
  5. A friend of mine brought back Scanaday:
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  7. When I used to call radio stations there was a small burst of static before the DJ answered. Why is/was that the case?
  8. Anyone here have experience with OpenBSD 6.3 as a guest under libvirt? I've spun up a couple instances on my CentOS 7 KVM/libvirt host and I cannot seem to get more than roughly 100Mbps network performance from them. Using the virtio NIC I can sustain transfer rates of roughly 12 MB/sec. I tried switching to the e1000 NIC and performance was worse ( ~8 MB/sec sustained transfer rates with it) even though the virtual NIC indicated it had a 1000baseT full-duplex link. I did not try the rtl8139. Any ideas?
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  10. So far so good! I have yet to have media suddenly disappear on me in the middle of a call.
  11. For my inaugural post, here's the (semi) interesting results from a low range scan of a 5ESS, minus the unimportant numbers 814-696 ----00XX---- 0008: Fax 0022: Line in CO (Joe apparently) 0023: Ringout 0024: Ringout 0025: like 22 0026: like 22 0037: Some sort of high tone (around 2200 Hz), then reorder if you stay on 0051: 440 Hz tone, sit on line and get reorder. Doesn't seem to react to DP or DTMF, need to try MFs 0074: SIT CBCAD 0075: SIT Call did not go through 0077: Ringout 0080: Reorder 0081: Ringout 0082: Busy 0086: SIT We're sorry, you must first dial a 1 when calling this number. Will you please hang up and try your call again 0087: The call you have made requires a coin deposit. Please hang up, check the instructions on the payphone for the appropriate rate, and dial your call again 0088: Ringout 0089: CBCAD from phone you are using, please read the instruction card and dial again 0090: Reorder 0091: SIT CBCAD 0092: Ringout 0095: SIT We're sorry, your call can not be completed as dialed. Please check the number and try again or call your attendant to help you. Thank you. 0096: SIT We're sorry, due to telephone company facility troubles, your call can not be completed at this time. Will you try your call again later, thank you 0097: SIT We're sorry, all circuits are busy now, will you please try your call again later thank you 0098: We're sorry a CAC is required for the number you have dialed, please dial your call using an access code 0099: Ringout If anyone has any insight into what 0037 or 0051 are, I would certainly enjoy knowing
  12. Excellent to have another "convert" Interestingly, trmg found the likely solution to a problem I've been having for years: whenever I dial certain numbers from one of my Asterisk servers to the old NPA-NXX for Albany, NY cell phones, audio will drop at exactly 15m30s every time. If I say off-hook long enough, Asterisk will eventually terminate the call. This is only when I originate, and only to that NPA-NXX. I'd assumed it was an issue with my SIP provider, and since it affects one person I call every now and then I hadn't looked into it any further. But, trmg was running into the same issue! I'll let him confirm but I believe it was this line of his pf.conf that got it straightened out: match out on egress inet proto udp from $pbx to any nat-to (egress:0) static-port Where $pbx is an alias for the internal IPv4 address of his PBX.
  13. Ooooooh once my office is put back together I'm so contributing to this.
  14. I've been debating on which direction to go with regards to my perimeter firewall on my home network. In talking to systems_glitch in IRC he suggested that I give OpenBSD a go (he probably regrets this as I've been bugging this crap out of him about it). I was a little gun shy about it at first since it would be my first experience with pf, and even OpenBSD itself, but the *NIX nerd in me decided to dive in head first. Although it's only been a couple of days, I am very happy with the setup! I used an old Dell OptiPlex 755 inherited from the ewaste pile at $dayjob. It's got an Intel Core2 Duo E650 2.33 GHz CPU, 8 GB RAM, a 128 GB SSD, gigabit NIC onboard. I happened to have an Intel PRO/1000 quad PCIe NIC in my stash which other than needing a half-height bracket (ordered and en-route from good ol' China) works beautifully. Until the bracket arrives I'll just run it with the cover off. The machine could use a nice does of compressed air, too. Performance wise I am very impressed. I was leary of a box like this being able to handle gigabit throughput between firewall zones, but this box handles it like a champ. CPU usage when doing scp between two hosts on separate zones is maybe 30% peak. I have enabled some additional logging since this testing so I suspect CPU usage will be higher...I plan to test this soon. Right now I'm using the onboard NIC as the "WAN" interface and a single interface on the PRO/1000 card for an inside zone. Eventually I'm going to put all 4 of the PRO/1000 interfaces in a LACP bond and set up multiple zones using VLANs, but that is dependent on another network project of mine that is still in progress. Before this I was using a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter PoE. I can tell you hands down I prefer pf & OpenBSD wayyyy more over EdgeOS/VyOS. If anyone has any tips/tricks on configuring pf security/performance wise, I am all eyes. My config for reference (it's fairly basic right now): And, the obligatory pics!
  15. Hi all, just a quick update I went a bit crazy and I bought the one from item for a big price. at least I have the original to work with. it does work as expected, but also the little IBQ 102. in short the secret seems to use the correct antenna, needs to be metal and not plastic covered. the big proof was I was having same frequency on both hands. sign of good health according to the Item manual. then recently I went ill and my hands does show a big difference with the IBQ I have 70 on left and 30 on right with item I have 160 / 320. experiment on water, using some neuroacusti sound the water does jump from 600 to 700 mhz for some hours. I haven't managed to do other experiments but I would suggest you that these are 'preliminary' tests, I need to be more strict on these tests so to avoid other influences. but being ill I wasn't very into these experiments. I'll keep you updated, I plan to take another antenna for the IBQ 102, since it seems more portable and can save frequencies, it is what I need for outside tests everyday.... it is all about harmonics.... very cool.... for years I was searching something like that to measure something scientifically about subtle energies, water, etc... IBQ 102 with a good metal antenna, not plastic covered, should be less than 100$ if someone wanna try and I disabled the 1st filters between antenna and amplifier, dunno if a good step.... I wonder with all the talking in recent years on the web, about subtle energies, why only a couple of youtube videos about this technology... strange...
  16. New IRC server is officially in place, we changed the CNAME on to point to the new server at Thanks to everyone that helped get this done in a quick and timely fashion!
  17. Just goes straight to reorder for me.
  18. The dialtone on 0028 must be coming from your switch. When I call it, I get dropped to an "if you'd like to make a call...." recording on my switch.
  19. We started a local 2600 meeting around the beginning of the year, we meet in Lexington: Anyone else know of other get-togethers in central VA? Loosely defined as "too far from Charlottesville and Blacksburg"
  20. 2018 JUL 20-22 Anyone else planning on going? I'll be there, may be helping with the NOC crew.
  21. We're working on getting a new BinRev IRC server up, to cut over from the current server hosted by SoldierX. The new server is currently in testing, you can connect, register your nick, and join at: There's no hostname/IP cloak, so if you want that you need to set up a vhost with HostServ. We're running on IPv4 and IPv6, allowing both cleartext and TLS encrypted connections. LetsEncrypt cert, no self-signed nonsense. We are currently allowing tor on the main IPs, that will likely change in the future.
  22. 970-350-00xx scan by Mountain Hell, 5/1/2018 A rather boring 5ESS in Greeley, Colorado. CLLI code GRELCOMADS0. 0000: fax 0001: ringout 0002: reorder 0003: ringout 0004: ring to disco/nis 0005: tone 0006: ring to disco/nis 0007: disco/nis 0008: busy 0009: milliwatt 0010: acb 0011: tone 0012: reorder 0013: reorder 0014: disco/nis 0015: ringout 0016: the number 9703500016 has been disconnected. (x2) no further information is avialable about this number. (off-hook tone x2) 0017: the number 9703500017 has been disconnected. (x2) no further information is avialable about this number. (off-hook tone x2) 0018: the number 9703500018 has been disconnected. (x2) no further information is avialable about this number. (off-hook tone x2) 0019: ringout 0020: carrier 0021: ringout 0022: ringout 0023: ring to disco/nis 0024: ring to disco/nis 0025: disco/nis 0026: busy 0027: busy 0028: dialtone 0029: carrier 0030: reorder 0031: the number 9703500031 is in service. please try your call again. (x2) (off-hook tone x2) 0032: ringout 0033: ringout 0034: ringout 0035: you have reached greeley main ds0 970-350. (x2) 0036: (pat fleet) this local call has changed to 10 digits. it is not necessary to dial a 1 when calling this number. please redial using area code 303. (x2) 0037: ring to disco/nis 0038: ring ro disco/nis 0039: disco/nis 0040: (old lady) we're sorry, it is not necessary to dial the digits 950 before dialing your carrier access code. please hang up and try your call again. (x2) 0041: (old lady) we're sorry, it is not necessary to dial a carrier access code for the number you have dialed. please hang up and try your call aga-- (x2) 0042: (m) we're sorry, the number you dialed cannot be reached with the access code you dialed. please check the code and try again or call your carrier for assistance. (x2) 0043: (pat fleet) we're sorry, due to network difficulties your long distance call cannot be completed at this time. please try your call again later. (x2) 0044: (old lady) we're sorry, due to network difficulties your long distance call cannot be completed at this time. please try your call later. (x2) 0045: (old lady) we're sorry, due to network difficulties your long distance call cannot be completed at this time. please try your call later. (x2) 0046: (old lady) we're sorry, in order to complete this call, you must first dial a 1-0 and the three digit carrier access code. please try your call again or call your long distance carrier for assistance. (x2) 0047: disco/nis 0048: ring to disco/nis 0049: ring to disco/nis 0050: milliwatt (5 sec) 0051: ring to disco/nis 0052: ring to disco/nis 0053: disco/nis 0054: disco/nis 0055: disco/nis 0056: (f) please do not hang up. the voicemail system temporarily needs you to re-enter the number you are calling. please re-enter the number you are calling then press pound. 0057: 105-type test 0058: reorder 0059: disco/nis 0060: disco/nis 0061: disco/nis 0062: disco/nis 0063: ring to acb 0064: acb 0065: disco/nis 0066: (pat fleet) we're sorry, it is not necessary to dial a 1 or 0 when calling this number, will you please hang up and try your call again. (x2) 0067: (old lady) we're sorry, you must first dial a 1 when calling this number, will you please hang up and try your call again. (x2) 0068: disco/nis 0069: the number you are calling was blocked and cannot be called back using your last call return service. (x2) 0070: (deeper pat fleet) your long distance call cannot be completed because your service has been restricted. please contact your centurylink business office. 0071: (deeper pat fleet) the number cannot be reached now. please hang up and try again later. 0072: (pat fleet) we're sorry, you have dialed a number which cannot be reached from your calling area. 0073: disco/nis 0074: (some lady) telephone service has not been installed at this location. please dial 811 when you are ready to establish your home telephone service. a service representative will describe the options available to you and take your order. thank you. 0075: (pat fleet, bad) we're sorry, your call did not go through, will you please try your call again. (x2) 0076: (pat fleet) we're sorry, your call cannot be completed as dialed. please check the number and dial again. remember, colorado now has two area codes. 0077: (old lady) we're sorry, your call cannot be completed as dialed. please check your instruction manual or call repair service for assistaance. (x2) 0078: (pat fleet) the number called is busy. a special ringing will tell you when the line is free. please hang up now. (x2) 0079: (pat fleet) the number called cannot be reached. please hang up now. (x2) 0080: (pat fleet) you have canceled your request. please hang up now. (x2) 0081: (pat fleet) if you'd like to make a call, please hang up and try again. if you need help, hang up and then dial your operator. (x2) 0082: (pat fleet) this call requires a coin deposit. please hang up momentarily then redial your call by first depositing the local rate posted on the instruction card. (x2) 0083: one ring then silence 0084: ringout 0085: (deeper pat fleet) the last call to your telephone cannot be traced and no charge will be added to your bill. please hang up and call the centurylink call identification center at 18005820655 if you need further assistance. once again, that number is 1800582-- (x2) 0086: (pat fleet) the number was free but it has just become busy again. please hang up. you may reactivate if you wish by redialing the original code. (x2) 0087: (pat fleet) your call has been completed however the party you are calling is not receiving calls at this time. (x2) 0088: silent switchman test 0089: rings once then silence 0090: (pat fleet) call trace cannot be activated at this time. please try again in a few minutes if you have not received another call. (x2) 0091: ring to disco/nis 0092: disco/nis 0093: ring to disco/nis 0094: ring to disco/nis 0095: disco/nis 0096: ring to disco/nis 0097: ring to disco/nis 0098: ring to disco/nis 0099: ring to disco/nis
  23. link: That's from a friend's blog, he was on Raptor's preorder list for the project. The machine costs over $7000 but it's a true deskside workstation. It uses IBM's open POWER9 architecture, and supposedly every bit of firmware on the machine is open source. Doesn't look like he's gotten past the "it powers on" point yet
  24. Sure enough, 101-9017-1-405-959-0000 from a switch in Oklahoma City gets you some sort of weird test number from the tandem switch. Other stuff probably isn't far behind.
  25. I just wanted to say, its April 24th 2018. I'm now 38 years old. I was listening to a Philip DeFranco youtube video. He talked about his dude who is popular with young teens Jake Paul. Apparently this you fellow literally installed a roof trampoline on his home. This made me reminisce about the default radio episode where decoders riffs on roof trampolines (2004). Thats why I'm here now. If anyone sees this, hi dudes! I think fondly of the days in the early 2000s with binrev =)
  26. Thanks Oliver! let me know if you find something interesting about this water test...
  27. I didn't come here to be verbally abused by some knowitall to someone whose not as smart as you. Please treat others with respect and not bash people like on your last 'graph. Have a good life.
  28. There's several numbers nearby, like 752-8055, that go to an ANAC.
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