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Tim on Remote access

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Hey rax. When Tim mentioned remote access he wasnt entirely refering to the simple server on the internet but as each private or public network uses some form of remote connection that leaves the possiblity.. not always likely... a method of remote access.. With windows on military laptops or even serverside issues... sometimes a telnet or remote access session can be established. If someone was to say find a way into a private military network.. The risks of having a default remote access open is a huge risk. Something that Tim also forgot to mention was the fact that on the other side of security.. Microsoft could one day secure windows better than any other os but the simple part of security measures must be in place for even the best security to work. If they put admin as admin password... or lets say password as the passwords.. then even the best security would become moot. Security isnt something you install.. its something that is to be frequently practiced.


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