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wifi on redhat 8.0

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ok, getting wireless access on your shiny new redhat box is not as hard to get up and rinning. Hell, if i did it, anyone can :)

First things first: FORGET ANYTHING YOU THINK YOU KNOW ABOUT COMPUTERS!!! you are now a stranger in a strange land, you are now putting the white belt back on. from this point foreward, you know just 2 things: jack, and shit, and jack won't work without the proper alsa drivers.

1. buy a card that won't work out of the box with linux.

i personally went thru 3 of them. a belkin FD5 series that uses the prism 2.5 chipset, a 10/100 pcmcia card i thought was a wi-fi card (the box said it would work w/linux, and i bought it out of sheer happiness) and the card i'm writing this on. a linksys wpc11 ver. 3 (prism 3 chipset).

Did you know that you can download rpm's that are the source code for things you already have (like the kernel) in order to make improvements to them? I didn't, but i do now.

2. get REALLY pissed off that it won't work

Swear up and down that it's worth reinstalling XP for the ease of it, but don't. Open another jolt and listen. You feel that sting? it's pride fukking with you, but in this case, pride helps. Did you know that you can look at all the modules you have installed on your system, and where'they're located? i didn't, but i do now.

3. Find Zapperlink, Feend, and w1nt3rmut3

Mut3's optional, but he can always put things in perspective for you, about the time you want to give up, mut3 will say, almost by instinct. something funy when you need to hear it. That will inspire you to keep fighting the good fight. Zapper and Feend will help all they can to keep you from slitting your wrists in the bathtub, and will also help you when you're looking for a command. FYI in linux, you can restart parts of your system without having to reboot the whole system? I didn't, but i do now.


scour the internet for your make of card and OS, read every post, every arty, every everything. Did you know that to get the trackpad on your lappy to work, you have to install it as a ps/2 mouse? I didn't, but i do now.

5. call dual_parallel (get nervous as hell)

When i called dual, i was quaking in my boots. OMG, he's going to think i'm a noobie lamer tool!!!! well, you are. Good news is that he was really cool about everything, and he kept telling me things like "you can do it man," and "that's not so bad"

dual has been there before, he can feel your pain. He helped ween me from the M$ teet, I was an addict, accustomed to having my OS do everything for me. Now i realize the supreme benefit of having to figure things out, of MAKING something work, i've grown about 6 inches of hackerdom, and im only at stage 5. Did you know that redhat 8.0 didn't ship with any mp3 decoding software? i didn't, but i do now.

6. decide that you want a card that is supported by redhat, then decide against it.

go to that place where you buy wi-fi cards, you know the one. Settle on a card you've heard alot about, and buy it. After all, this is your first forray into linux, you shouldn't need to get this involved as your first project. Did you know that in vi, to edit the txt you have to hit I, and to save your changes and exit, you have to hit esc, then :wq? i didn't, but i do now

7. take your new card home

well fukk me, this card doesn't work either. oh well, repeat steps 1-4. Do you know the difference between make config, make all, and make install? i didn't, but i do now.

8. Call dual again

"But dual, knoppix acted like it loved this new card, how come it won't work?" "dude, YOU can make it work. try this, and if it doesn't work, call me back. do you know what the penguin means at a boot up sequence? i didn't, but i do now.


someone somewhere has done what you want to do, and with any luck, they wrote a tutorial. if you followed step 4 properly, you have read variations on the theme in at least 5 different places, sit down, shut up, and make it work. do you know the difference between wlan and eth? i didn't, but i do now.

10 recognize

My new card works like a champ now. I am SO glad that nobody held my hand thru the ordeal. It goes to show that zapper, feend, mut3, dual, and everyone else that "gets" the whole concept behind what linux represents will help you help yourselff, rather than act like windows. At the end of the day, all i really needed was encouragment, and i was never lacking for it. I'm writing this to hopefully make you laugh, and to thank the ppl mentioned above for helping me to begin to "get it" I'm sure that i will need help as time goes by, and it's good to know that y'all are there for this recovering windows addict :)



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:lol: What a great read! It's all you, baby!


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Hehe glad you got it working bland :).

I'm not sure if you have the box for the nic that was supposed to be supported in Linux. If you look you'll probably see something that looks like this (Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 98, Linux*). Notice the little asterisk after where Linux is listed. Essentially the vendor is saying that it should work as long as somebody out there has written a driver for it because we sure as hell aren't going to.


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