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Static IP in Knoppix

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If you want to try out Linux, or show others the wonders of Open Source, then Knoppix is a natural choice. If you're using it at work or school, you'll probably be on a network that uses static IPs. Configure as follows:

1. K menu/KNOPPIX/Root Shell

2. ifconfig eth0

3. ifconfig eth0 netmask

4. echo nameserver >> /etc/resolv.conf

5. route add default gw

6. If needed, set up Konqueror to use a proxy:

- Click Settings

- Configure Konqueror...

- Click Proxy

- Check Use Proxy

- Choose Mannually specified settings and click Setup...

- Enter the appropriate IP and port

- Click OK, Apply, OK

Fill in "" and the netmask with your respective IPs and enjoy!


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