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Several states are writing new laws mandating the use of cell phone headsets while operating a motor vehicle; however these new laws fail to provide assistance in obtaining a headset. In response, FreeHeadset.org has developed a program to provide wireless phone users with a free cell phone headset. Participants are only required to pay $3.94 for the cost of shipping and handling.

FreeHeadset.org founder Matt MacAdams identified the need for this program in his local community. Using his experience in the wireless phone industry, he started FreeHeadset.org in late December, 2003. Incorporated three months later, the company now ships thousands of headsets per month nationwide. ?Using a headset is a very important safety issue that often goes gets overlooked. Our goal is to encourage people to use headsets by making it simple, affordable and convenient to obtain one,? said MacAdams today.

The FreeHeadset.org website uses a simple step by step process to make ordering easy and their web servers use 128-bit SSL security certificates to ensure safe online transactions. Live customer service is available online via an interactive Live Chat service. Customer support is also available by sending an email to cservice@freeheadset.org or by telephone at 888-239-9203.


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