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  1. 1. where do ya fit in?

    • White hat
    • Black Hat
    • Gray Hat
    • I don't wear any fukking hats.

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Ok well I took the images down to the silk screen printer and was told oh i'm sorry we can only accept images from Adobe Illustator. I said cmon can't you convert it from Adobe Photoshop? They said no. Well I went home and converted the Images myself from photoshop and turned them into the Illustrator format. Great a blant lie that caused me a day, oh well i'll take it down there tomorrow and post the price of the shirts here.

uhhh can I get like a 4 X, I like to wear shit baggy, I am not into the Skin Tight goth Scene! :grr: Like girls into the skin tight goth scene! LOL :grr:


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