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Hacking a digi-cable box

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Ok, so I got time warner digi-cable aobut 1 month ago, and i was moderatly watching the cable-guy install it, i glanced over, and saw him with the remote in his hands and on the tv was an ip address, mac address, and a bunch of other networking crap, i neglected to ask the guy about it though.

I have a Scientific Atlanta - Explorer 2100 cable box, i have determinet that there is a cable modem inside it (thus the networking crap) but there is also a USB jack on the front. Has anyone played with this, if so what have you discovered? Also, does anyone know how to get that networking information, I'd like to just see what I can do with it.

ANY infoormation regarding the subject of the Explorer 2100 box or cable in general is greatly appreciated! :)


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