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Total Information Awareness

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I was just watching the screen savers and they had this guy from the EFF on talking about this. As he is talking about this he is saying that the goverment is trying to data mine to get information on EVERY single american.

TIA will collect and mine vast amounts of information on the American public, including telephone records, bank records, medical records, and educational and travel data. TIA would expand domestic intelligence activities to include the analysis of innocent people’s personal information – credit card transactions, hotel reservations, or even prescription receipts. These so-called “non-traditional data sources” would put everyone’s day-to-day transactions under government scrutiny.

i for one am totaly against this. this is crap. This is becoming to be more of a prison country than a free country. soon we will have barcodes on the back of our necks or GPS chips to keep track of everything we do.

i know this was in another post and also talked about on RFA and Hacker Nation but i just need to vent. We need to do something about this. Everyone here i know is not for this. we need to write your repersenitive in congress @ this EFF page that you type in your zip code and they will give you all of the representives in your area and how they stand. They also have a pre-written letter that you can send ( if you don't have the time to write the letter but want them to know how you feel).

EFF Action Page Everyone plz if you value your privacy and want to be safe from possible imprisonment through mis identity plz write your rep and save our country.


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