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Greetings to you, dear forum users

I bring to your attention a service for renting resources for carrying out DDoS attacks.

All prices are per month of use.


Starter: 15 €: 1Concurrents, 1 server per attack, seconds 1200

Standart 30 €: 2 Concurrents, 2 server per attack, seconds 3600

Champion 50 €: 4 Concurrents, 4 server per attack, seconds 7200

1 concurrents is one valid attack (slot), i.e. with a tariff where 1 conc, you can only attack 1 site

server per attack is the number of launched attacks per site

Seconds - attack time 1200 (20 minutes), 3600 (1 hour), 7200 (2 hours)

I also advise you to read our FAQ below:


1. How do your services differ from others who provide DDoS services?

We are the first service in the CIS that rents out its facilities at such low prices. Let's imagine a situation: you need to eliminate a competitor, you apply with such a request to a specialist who provides such services, his time will cost, say, $ 150 per day, our capacities are much cheaper and much more efficient, buying a tariff you independently manage your resources during months.

2. What attack methods do you use?

We use only our own methods that work on dedicated * nix servers, we have bypassing most protections, such as: Cloudflare (Default, UAM, reCaptcha, hCaptcha), Sucuri, Stormwall, Nooder, FluxCDN, Incapsula, BlazingFast and many others.

3. How do your attacks work?

Our methods use public http / s & socks proxies to attack. We have a large enough pool, so the defending side will not be able to "quickly" block all the attacking IP addresses. Also, our controller system updates proxies on servers every 15-30 minutes automatically.

4. Suppose I bought 1 stream for a month, does this mean that I can attack only 1 site?

Not entirely true. With 1 stream, you can attack only 1 site at a time, but you can change the attacked sites whenever you want, at any time. To attack multiple sites, you need to purchase a higher price plan.

5. How does technical support work?

Those. support has a free schedule, but we always suggest a solution and always bring it to a result. All employees of those. The support team is very friendly and will kindly help you whenever they are online.

6.If I am your client and I have any questions, will you help me?

Yes, we help all our clients, sometimes we even teach how to conduct attacks correctly.

7.Does they provide a free test attack?

Yes, if you write to us in telegram, we will make a free test attack up to 5 minutes, they will also tell you which tariff is suitable for your target!

8.How do you pay?

Payment is accepted in BTC, through the shoppy payment system
After payment, you will receive a Code to your e-mail, which will need to be entered on our stressor, namely Profile -> GiftCards

9.After payment, how will I get access to the facilities?

Access is via our website.

lightstress.pw - Login



Technical support via telegram.

Telegram: https://t.me/sample_in (CEO)
Channel: https://t.me/lightstresschannel
Chat: https://t.me/lightstresschat
Support: https://t.me/stress_support (For any questions.)

[SPOILER = "Service Rules"]

1.Moneyback is not provided. (Exclusively only if the service has those problems with the provision of services.)

2. The service is not responsible for the actions of customers, we provide rental of DDoS facilities.

3. It is forbidden to attack state institutions.

4. The service does not under any circumstances participate in blackmail and extortion.

5. The service does not give a guarantee on any site that it will lie for exactly a month (before buying any tariff, we recommend writing in a telegram for detailed advice)

6. The service is responsible for the purchased tariff plans, and in any force majeure circumstances it is ready to pay money to customers for the unused capacity lease period.

7. The service has the right to refuse to provide services without any explanation.


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