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HPR - HPR3274: My Custom dwm Setup

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  • Intro - video on yt, audio on hpr
  • Who am I? arfab, clearnitesky, trumpetplanet
  • my email has changed since my first hpr episode - thanks lavabit!
  • You can now use
  • My previous episode was 0618
  1. Story of ricing my own desktop:
    • Always been into customising look/feel, never satisfied
    • Found Luke Smith and liked i3, made own version.
    • Pandemic hits! Started learning Python, JavaScript but had no real use for them...
    • Made a website (inspired by disconnecting from social media)
    • check out and
  2. What programs am I using?
    • dwm (obviously)
    • dmenu
    • st
    • surf / brave
    • sxhkd - various short cuts sorted by purpose
    • dunst
    • sxiv/feh
    • zathura
    • my status stuff using dwmstat script
    • a look in ~/.local/bin
    • I recently learned about awk and rewrote all icon scripts which is what inspired me to record this episode.
  3. What next?
    • Is it necessary to patch dwm? Probably not.
      I've come to believe that the real value in these experiments has come from my custom status scripts and keyboard shortcuts - not from patching new features into dwm. It does what I need it to (manage windows!)
  4. Thanks for watching!

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