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HPR - HPR3246: LXCast: freeing the Fairphone 3 (and many other phones)

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How to install it on the FP3

  • Install /e/ on FairPhone FP3 - FP3 | /e/ documentation

  • Privacy ratings of apps:

  • Alternative launchers:

    • KISS launcher
    • Simple launcher
  • I recommended you add these apps:

    • Antennapod - podcast client
    • FairEmail or simple email
    • Fennec (Firefox)
    • Signal
    • newpipe for watching youtube without being tracked
  • Backup via adb is apparently broken | Not the fault of /e/!!

  • You cannot simply flash a new recovery, such as TWRP, to flash images or backup, instead, you can use this method

  • Donate or become a member to keep the project going:

Feel free to add any comments below!

Theme Music: Jazzhar, "Room with a View" CC-BY-SA, check him out on Jamendo and on Free Music Archive

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