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HPR - HPR3244: Interview with Anco Scholte ter Horst CEO of Freedom Internet

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In this interview with Anco Scholte ter Horst, CEO Freedom Internet, we discuss the history of Internet in the Netherlands. How inspired by the work as XS4All, a new ISP was founded with privacy, security and quality at its core.


XS4ALL was sold to KPN in December 1998, but remained an independent subsidiary. In January 2019, KPN announced that it would eventually phase out the XS4ALL brand and continue operations under the KPN brand. A petition and a special action commission was started to try to revert this decision, the petition has been signed over 50,000 times, signatories include ex-board members and founders of XS4ALL. In November 2019 the committee launched a new company named Freedom Internet, meant to serve as an ideological successor to XS4ALL, and supported by a crowdfunding action that raised 2.5 million euro. Freedom Internet initially offers e-mail hosting, and is meant to roll out its first DSL connections in early 2020.

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