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HPR - HPR3206: Dungeons and Dragons for the blind

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Dungeons and Dragons, and most tabletop roleplaying games, are ideal platforms for players with low or no vision. However, because most players are sighted, you have to work-around some assumptions made by the rulebooks.

I [currently] have vision, but I have played with a blind player before, and I've played as a Dungeon Master with no materials on hand. In this episode, I discuss some easy workarounds to make tabletop RPGs easy for both sighted and non-sighted players.

There are audiobook versions of the rule books available at

The official D&D digital platform is, and it is accessible to blind players using a screen reader.

Wizards of the Coast publishes the basic rules under the Open Game License (OGL). As a service to my players, I maintain a version of this document in plain text, with third-party OGL additions. It may or may not be useful for screen readers, depending on your workflow.

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