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HPR - HPR3176: HPR Community News for September 2020

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New hosts

There were no new hosts this month.

Last Month's Shows

Id Day Date Title Host
3152 Tue 2020-09-01 My Pocket Knives Dave Morriss
3153 Wed 2020-09-02 Fixing eBooks with Calibre and pdfcrop Ken Fallon
3154 Thu 2020-09-03 Make NextCloud your next cloud Paul Quirk
3155 Fri 2020-09-04 LastPass Security Dashboard Ahuka
3156 Mon 2020-09-07 HPR Community News for August 2020 HPR Volunteers
3157 Tue 2020-09-08 Compost klaatu
3158 Wed 2020-09-09 Fingerprint access control? LOL... Cedric De Vroey
3159 Thu 2020-09-10 Vivaldi - The Four Seasons Paul Quirk
3160 Fri 2020-09-11 GIMP: Transform Tools Ahuka
3161 Mon 2020-09-14 How I manage podcast listening Dave Morriss
3162 Tue 2020-09-15 Introduction to Ansible klaatu
3163 Wed 2020-09-16 Linux Inlaws S01E13: The road to communism and freedom monochromec
3164 Thu 2020-09-17 I'm Learning Spanish Ahuka
3165 Fri 2020-09-18 Spanish Tools Continued Ahuka
3166 Mon 2020-09-21 Using Ansible to mirror a Git repo klaatu
3167 Tue 2020-09-22 A ramble with the Pentland Squires (part 1) Dave Morriss
3168 Wed 2020-09-23 FreeBSD Jails and iocage norrist
3169 Thu 2020-09-24 Ludwig van Beethoven with a hint of Chopin Paul Quirk
3170 Fri 2020-09-25 GIMP: Color Tools Ahuka
3171 Mon 2020-09-28 A Week On Soylent lostnbronx
3172 Tue 2020-09-29 A ramble with the Pentland Squires (part 2) Dave Morriss
3173 Wed 2020-09-30 Manage your Raspberry Pi fleet with Ansible Ken Fallon

Comments this month

These are comments which have been made during the past month, either to shows released during the month or to past shows. There are 15 comments in total.

Past shows

There are 2 comments on 2 previous shows:

  • hpr3138 (2020-08-12) "Linux Inlaws S01E12: Reminiscing in FLOSS Weekly" by monochromec.
    • Comment 5: Robert on 2020-09-02: "..._---_"

  • hpr3146 (2020-08-24) "Help Me Help you with HPR eps!" by operat0r.
    • Comment 1: Ken Fallon on 2020-09-05: "Keep doing what you're doing"

This month's shows

There are 13 comments on 6 of this month's shows:

  • hpr3152 (2020-09-01) "My Pocket Knives" by Dave Morriss.
    • Comment 1: Reto on 2020-09-24: "Link to the other knive podcast"

  • hpr3154 (2020-09-03) "Make NextCloud your next cloud" by Paul Quirk.
    • Comment 1: Windigo on 2020-09-11: "Nextcloud and self hosting"

  • hpr3158 (2020-09-09) "Fingerprint access control? LOL... " by Cedric De Vroey.
    • Comment 1: Beeza on 2020-09-11: "The need for "meta procedures""
    • Comment 2: Ahuka on 2020-09-11: "Fantastic show!"

  • hpr3161 (2020-09-14) "How I manage podcast listening" by Dave Morriss.
    • Comment 1: Reto on 2020-09-24: "Sansa MP3 Players"
    • Comment 2: Dave Morriss on 2020-09-27: "Rockbox and Sansa players"
    • Comment 3: Kevin O'Brien on 2020-09-27: "My Rockbox/Sansa experience"
    • Comment 4: Dave Morriss on 2020-09-29: "No more Sansa Clip Plus"

  • hpr3167 (2020-09-22) "A ramble with the Pentland Squires (part 1)" by Dave Morriss.
    • Comment 1: Aaron on 2020-09-27: "Nice conversation, thanks for sharing it"
    • Comment 2: Zen_Floater2 on 2020-09-27: "Squirrels love local chit-chat"
    • Comment 3: Dave Morriss on 2020-09-29: "Thanks for the feedback"

  • hpr3168 (2020-09-23) "FreeBSD Jails and iocage" by norrist.
    • Comment 1: 0xf10e on 2020-09-27: "Why an additional disk/zpool?"
    • Comment 2: norrist on 2020-09-28: "2nd disk for iocage"

Mailing List discussions

Policy decisions surrounding HPR are taken by the community as a whole. This discussion takes place on the Mail List which is open to all HPR listeners and contributors. The discussions are open and available on the HPR server under Mailman.

The threaded discussions this month can be found here:

Events Calendar

With the kind permission of we are linking to The Community Calendar.

Quoting the site:

This is the community event calendar, where we track events of interest to people using and developing Linux and free software. Clicking on individual events will take you to the appropriate web page.

Any other business

Tags and Summaries

Thanks to the following contributor for sending in updates in the past month:

Over the period tags and/or summaries have been added to 7 shows which were without them.

If you would like to contribute to the tag/summary project visit the summary page at and follow the instructions there.

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