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HPR - HPR3115: Pest Control

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    • essentra ic3 for outdoors (30-90days)
    • bee Friendly Mavrik Perimeter for indoor/outdoor OR bad for bees 4 oz of bifen (30-90days)
    • delta dust for cracks / walls etc ( 6 -8 mos nasty stuff … )
    • Syngenta Advion Cockroach Gel Bait ( only when you have issues with above approach or infestation )
    • ( blower I use for outside ~$700USD I spray neighbors for $20USD to create a perimeter around my house :P )
    • use normal pump sprayer for indoors suggest using a metal tip for finer mist on baseboards etc youtube for best approach… I DO NOT spray surfaces that people touch .. some folks spray ‘safe’ indoor stuff on carpet and couches … I spray under/around/behind
  • FULL TANK ( ~3.5 gal )GETS:
    • 4 oz of bifen OR .5oz of Mavrik
    • 12 of essentra ic3
  • Pump Sprayer gets:
    • 1gal water
    • .5oz bifen or .1 Mavrik

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