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HPR - HPR3077: Video conference Push to Talk

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For the sake of archival, "state of the world" refers to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The code and CAD files for this project can be found here.

Relevant links:

  • PulseAudio is the sound server used by many Linux distributions
  • pulsectl is a Python library that allows you to control a PulseAudio server
  • NeoPixels are cool addressable LEDs
  • The Teensy is a small but powerful microcontroller development board
  • pySerial is a library allowing you to use serial ports in Python
  • PlatformIO is a tool for making software development for embedded platforms easy

Early prototype:
Electronic parts assembled for testing

Assembled electronics fitted into case ready to be closed:
Electronics fitted into case ready for case to be closed

View of the top of the case, showing Cherry switch and NeoPixel LED indicator:
View of the top of the finished device showing button and indicator LED

View of the bottom of the case, showing USB port and some of the nicer M3 screws from my parts bin:
View of bottom of the finished device showing screws and USB port

Plugged in and powered on, showing the muted state:
Device showing the muted state

Button pushed, showing the unmuted/mic live state:
Device with the button pushed showing the unmuted state

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