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HPR - HPR3076: Keep calm and Virion

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Two HPR hosts from Scotland get together over Mumble to chat about all manner of stuff.


Dave’s sound was a bit muffled in this recording. It turns out that it’s important which USB port the microphone (Zoom recorder) is plugged into. Who knew!


Some of the topics we discussed

  • Accent differences in Scotland
    • What is Butcher Meat? Is it an Edinburgh expression?
  • The Fish Van from Pittenweem
    • The mysterious non-Crab Crab meat
    • Dressed and live crabs in Cromer
  • Handling enforced isolation; the response to COVID-19
  • The type of disposable masks sold for DIY use can be impractical
  • Supermarket online shopping and delivery versus local shopping
  • The etiquette of distancing when out walking or cycling for exercise during the lockdown
  • Cycling anecdotes
  • Industrial archaeology and historical buildings
  • Electronics
  • D&D sessions
    • Initiated by Klaatu in New Zealand
  • Shortages during the pandemic: toilet rolls, flour, etc
    • Supply chains: wholesale versus domestic
  • Dracula by Bram Stoker
    • Whitby, Yorkshire
    • Brașov, Transylvania, Romania.
      • Called Corona at one point in its history.
      • Near to Bran Castle, known outside Romania as Dracula’s Castle.


  • Pittenweem, a fishing village in Fife
  • Cromer, a town on the Norfolk coast, famous for its crabs
  • Whitby, a seaside town in North Yorkshire

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