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HPR - HPR3006: Hijack Auxiliary Input of your car!

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Updated: Solved: The audio could use a dac or something nice but this will do. Not (DO NOT PLUG IN THE HARNESS WRONG ORDER OR YOU WILL BLOW AT LEAST 4 FUSES ) I had to swap out 3 in the passenger side and 1 for the rear lights on the IPDM E/R next to the battery in a #@$% spot.

pulled the pins and soldered a audio jack to them and fed it though the AC vent :

pin 1 - G : Satellite radio sound signal LH pin 2 + R : Satellite radio sound signal LH pin 3 - w : Satellite radio sound signal RH pin 4 + b : Satellite radio sound signal RH


NOT SOLVED 08/21/2019 : So I'm sick of this jank setup .. the software is wonky and works about 1/2 the time .. I have to ƒ@#$ with it for about 5-10 min every time I want to use it … WIRELINQ is crap.. and I don't want the 600$ BT mod .. I just want AUX in !! I dont care if CD or SAT is spliced!

  • NO I'm not using a Apple device ..
  • NO I'm not going BT because its crap audio ..
  • NO I'm not using MONO or anything like that (discord) because that's even worse then BT…
  • NO I'm not using a FM Transmitter because that's just stupid its a 2015 car it should have AUX input ..

maybe I can hack it myself the issue is that the SAT is in the @^ing trunk .. so I would have to find the wires that go to the trunk. I use a long speaker wire with alligator clips on it and a continuity tester (volt meter ) to hunt for it …

Part No
2591a 1ma5e

Model No

"11 12 Infiniti G25 G37 Radio CD Player 2591A-1MA5E Bulk 711"

SOLVED 01/20/2018 : YAY ! this works and I dont have to have grap BT audio

  • Electop 2 Pack USB 2.0 A Female to USB Micro Female Adapter Converter
  • Wsken Mini2 Micro USB Magnetic LED Display Data Sync Fast Charge 3.28ft Cable for Android (Silver)

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