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HPR - HPR3004: Fixing simple audio problems with Audacity

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I recorded the audio for the show I did with MrX in late 2019: 2972 “The_foot_of_the_ski_slope”. I was using my Zoom H2n recorder in my car, on a small tripod placed on the dashboard. Something about this setup caused the result to be very boomy and (to me) unpleasant to listen to. This episode is about what I did for a cure, after some research.

I have also been using the Truncate Silence effect in Audacity incorrectly in the past, and I used the opportunity to learn how to do a better job with it.

Now, I am well aware that there are some skilled and experienced Audio Engineers out there in HPR-land. I am certainly not one of these, though I quite enjoy fiddling with audio to make it sound better. I’d like to make two requests:

  1. If I didn’t do a good job, please tell me what I did wrong here, and how I should have done it.
  2. Think about doing a show (or shows) on HPR about how to deal with common audio problems. For example: how to remove a mains hum, the use of compression and normalisation.

Long notes

A longer form of these notes may be found here (full_shownotes.html). These go into more detail on the steps I took to try and make the audio for show 2972 more tolerable.


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