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HPR - HPR2962: Bespoke bike building

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(The images below may be clicked to view the full-sized versions)

Mocking up parts
mocking up parts to see spacing, especially the crankset

Laying out fishmouths
laying out ‘fishmouth’ cut, used to connect two tubes

Cutting fishmouths
lay out fishmouth

Cutting fishmouths
another layout picture, note marks on tube

Cutting fishmouths
finished product

Cutting fishmouths
test fitting assembly one, the engine room

Brazing complete
brazing complete! assembly one done

Readying assembly
setting up assembly tube, gray tube slips inside the red tube

Removing tab
need to cut that small tab off, get to hear this in the recording

Jigging up
jigging up the frame, similar to john kulps set up, see hpr 1282

Still in the jig
still in the jig but all brazed up, top half of frame done!

More brazing to do
the next part will be modifiying the rear triangle and brazing it where i’m pointing to.


  • all in all, went better than expected, i’ll clean up those brazing joints after the bike is done and has been ridden for a while, before I paint it.
  • brazing isn’t as difficult as i thought it might be. give it a try its a cool hacker skill!

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