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HPR - HPR2961: Kubernetics / Cloud - Terminology

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We talk about terms often used when using Kubernetes.

Terms we talk about

  • Node - Machine to run jobs on.
  • Cluster - Grouping of nodes to deploy work to.
  • Container - Compute unit that we can run in the cloud
  • Pod - One or more containers that are one unit in the cloud that could be started, stopped, or restarted.
  • Service - Different network services that serve the pods
    • Load balancers - Balance network calls to different pods
    • Certmanager - Handles certificates, for instance, let’s encrypt.
    • Ingress - Handles traffic from the external network
  • Volumes - External resources used by pods to keep state
  • ConfigMap - Configuration parameters that could be changed without restarting the pods or deployment.
  • Deployment - A configuration of all the terms mentioned that you use to deploy as a unit to the cluster.

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