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Spectrum blocking numbers

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Hello guys how are you??

I really dont understand how when these idiots block chatlines like 712-432-6497 even if you forward another # THAT ISNT BLOCKED to this #,you still cant get thru (You still get the same blocked recording as if you dialed the # directly)

Is it because this is a digital network and there is no such thing as a POTS line on a digital network?? (The CODE ID cant be hidden)

I wonder if forwarding 2 different #s might confuse it and you can then still get to a # they are blocking...... (Line 1 forwarded to line 2 which is forwarded to blocked #)

I have read on this. It is illegial for them to block #s....

Its a big pain.... This digital phone network is the worst we have ever been on!!!! -- Dropped calls constantly,crappy sound... I would love having our reg analogue phone line back!! (Only 1 droped call I remember on that system and he had it over 30 years)

Thanx for any explanations!!

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