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Someone on the internet tossed this out onto a now expired Pastebin:

Here's a demo of the Dialogic software I wrote to act like a phone switch. An Adit 600 with a Legerity QSLAC provides the analog interface here - . A timeline of what I'm/it's doing:

0:00 - 5 is dialed; this is an invalid level, so the switch just returns reorder. The odd phase of the 480+620 is a characteristic of the tone generation routine on the DSP56303. I kinda like it.
0:12 - 12 is dialed. This is the extension we're calling from, so busy is returned.

0:22 - 14 is dialed, which goes to a Comshare 750, one of the things with the weird analog oscillator ringback we talked about. Two rings come from the DSP56303 before it goes offhook. After five rings, it hangs up, and we get permanent signal; there is no release guard current programmed.

1:16 - 10 is dialed, which goes to the FXO for a Mitel MXE - something I have... temporarily. Honestly, I'm trying to get rid of it. It picks up with a DISA, and I dial 9+722212, which goes over an ISDN trunk to another Dialogic card.

1:49 - I select the outdial function, dial 1 for T-span 1, and 19*40021. This goes over my internal ISDN network I have to a Natural Microsystems CG6565E. It plays a song and hangs up, which the Mitel responds to by returning its own dialtone. Note the lack of low frequency response relative to the later stuff coming from the card running the program that drives the channel bank; this is a result of the shitty Infineon FXO on the Mitel filtering it. I hang up at the DISA dialtone.

4:55 - I dial 196, which accesses the basic media player program embedded into the card running the switch, and mostly fuck around for the duration of the recording

The recording is attached since the original link appears to be down.


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