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ITEC pictures finally up...

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On the downloads page there are some pics from my ITEC trip.

I wanted to point out some interesting things about them... This event took place at the Ft Lauderdale convention center. This is right on the docks of the Atlantic Ocean (you can see ships in some of the pictures). Anyway, I had no idea going in but it turns out that not only the airports are being watched, but so are the seaports! I knew this, but wasn't expecting it when I got there.

There was a large military tent with several armed soldiers and every lane going in was stopped and questioned. I was not searched, nor was my car. I simply told them that I was going to the convention center, they glanced at my car and gave me a piece of paper to leave in my windshield with the date on it. I guess if they found a car without one, or with an expired date, they will investigate.

Anyway, I did not know that was coming up, so I did not take pictures. On the way out, I tried to take pictures but the setup was on the other side of the road. I took a couple of pictures as a left, and there are 2 pictures that I took in my REAR-VIEW MIRROR looking behind me as I left. You can get an idea what it was like. You will notice the signs are backwards in those 2 pictures. ;) and click on ITEC under photo section.


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