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HPR - HPR2932: Stardrifter RPG Playtest Part 10

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This episode is Part 10 of the Stardrifter role-playing game playtest. The series is composed of two playtest sessions, held earlier this year. They were recorded and chopped into manageable bites, then edited down into separate episodes.

This series is meant to give listeners some insight into the RPG construction process. Playtesting is not the final step, but rather, just another stage. The construction of an RPG can be convoluted, and feedback from players is absolutely vital.

It’s not unusual for a game master to have two sets of maps for an adventure: one is for the players, which only has the sort of information on it that their characters might reasonably have access to; the other is NOT for the players, as it shows all the special information they shouldn’t know about (at least, not all at once). This is where you’d make note of secret doors, hidden objects or enemies, and/or, as in the case of this playtest, the physical condition of the ship as it stands at the moment.

Player Map
Player Map

Game Master Map
Game Master Map

Additionally, here’s a zip file containing the adventure, the maps, the floor plan descriptions, some miscellaneous non-player characters, and the Stardrifter RPG rules in EPUB format. Again, these are no longer the LATEST version of the rules, but they are what we used for these episodes.

In this final part of the mini-series, the players provide their hard-working game designer with some valuable feedback, observations, and general opinions!

Special thanks to my playtesters in this episode: Thaj, Mark (who was playing Brinn), and X1101!

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