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HPR - HPR2919: hosting software in HPR show notes

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#!/usr/bin/env python
import urllib.request
import json
import re
import subprocess

# see

#where are we? GPS coordinates
lat = 39.275235
lon = -120.9199507
#what is the user agent string?
agent = "Jezra's fun lil script"
#minimum wind speed in mph?
min_speed = 9

def get_api_data(endpoint):
  #prepare the connection with custom headers
  request = urllib.request.Request(endpoint, headers={"User-Agent":agent})
  #create a handler for the request
  handler = urllib.request.urlopen(request)
  #get the text
  text =
  #parse the json text to a python object
  obj = json.loads(text)
  return obj

def wind_is_good(s):
  #use regex to find the matches
  matches = re.findall("[0-9]+",s)
  for match in matches:
    #convert string to int
    m = int(match)
    #is the speed good?
      return True
  #if we get here, there is no match :(
  return False

start_url = "{0},{1}".format(lat,lon)
#get the json response from the start_url as a python object
obj = get_api_data(start_url)

#get the forecast url from the returned data
forecast_url = obj['properties']['forecast']

# process the forecast url
forecast = get_api_data(forecast_url)

#loop through the forcast periods
for period in forecast['properties']['periods']:
  #put name and windspeed into easier to handle variable names
  name= period['name']
  wind = period['windSpeed']
  print (name, wind)
  #check the wind speed
  if wind_is_good(wind):["textjezra","{0}: {1}".format(name,wind)])

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