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HPR - HPR2899: Endeavour OS

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Hi to all you out there in HPR land, this is a quick show to help out with the current summer shortage of shows.

So over the last few months I’ve been busy with my new Podcasting career, well it fills in the time now I’m retired. Anyway the Distro-hoppers show has been getting a regular audience and recently we decided to branch out a little and open up the review format to the audience, you can find details of how to do that on the Blog.

The most recent show was a review of the new Endeavour OS which has risen from the ashes of Antergos Linux an Arch based OS. Well I decided to use this opportunity to delve into the world of Arch for the first time with Endeavour OS and I can report I was pleasantly surprised with this slick iteration of Arch. OK when you first install Endeavour all you will have is a new XFCE 4.14 DE and some basic software to get you started, you are then expected to do a little research to find out how to install other software you need to get your PC setup the way you like but all the basic information on package management is on the Endeavour OS Wiki and also on the Arch Linux Wiki.

If you have thought of trying Arch Linux but would prefer to start with a running Desktop from install then Endeavour OS is definitely the place to start. I have been running it as my daily Driver for over a month and have fallen in love with it.
My full review is on the Distrohoppers Blog as is a link to the Audio of the show.

That’s it for this time, this is Tony Hughes saying goodbye until next time.

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