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Help hacking a hard drive to change password

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Hello,  I'm not really wanting to hack, but I've searched everywhere to find a answer to my problem, and figured if anyone could solve it it would be a hacker.  A while back I acquired a Dell computer from a business closing up shop.  Everything was great until two days ago. I was make some changes in personal setting on windows 7 pro. That evening I shut it down and the next day it would  not boot just displayed a window that said the hard drive was locked and to enter the password. Ive tried everything I could find on the web. I tried booting today and was able to get into EUFI.  I found the tab to place a password on the hard drive.  It said it was not enabled. Checking on the web I have come to the conclusion that the password is on the harddrive firmware. Does anyone have any idea how to remove it.  Any help would be appreciated 



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