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HPR - HPR2881: Automatically split album into tracks in Audacity

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In this show Ken, recalls hpr1771 :: Audacity: Label Tracks by Jon Kulp to add Labels to an large audio file.

  • Tidy up the audio to the point where you are happy with it, but do not truncate silence.
  • Find the first break in the audio and check how long it is. In my case it was 4 seconds.
  • Select the entire track and select Analyze>Silence Finder
  • Change Maximum duration of silence to just under the length of the break. In my case I set it to 3 seconds
  • This will then create a series of labels on a new Label track
  • Edit the names of each as desired.
  • Select File > Export > Export Multiple
  • Select Split Files based on Labels
  • Name files using Label/Track Name

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