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Onmyoji Arena is releasing several versions

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Currently, Onmyoji Arena is releasing several versions in which Vietnamese gamers are concentrating on the international version with the largest English language. Downloading the game can be done for free on both app markets for Android and iOS devices. However, the quality of the transmission line is not good and especially the language barrier has made many Vietnamese gamers feel discouraged during the discovery process.


But Chinese MOBA Chinese gamers are the first to experience this fascinating mode due to Netease's home advantage. Players around the world and geographic limited editions of the game will be updated by NPH in the near future. It means that a Vietnamese gamer community is in love with the MOBA Onmyouji who is going to experience the "Auto Chess" mode to compete with each other. If you need Buy Onmyoji Arena Jade you can visit our site


After 5 months of exploding and going up, Dota Auto Chess is the clearest proof for the game of dignity chess created to combine with MOBA games. This step of the yin and yang game MOBA genre will be a challenge to many hot MOBA games today, such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Lien Quan Mobile, Glory Arena. Not yet, there will be a new "game of dignity" race between these products, similar to the Battle Royale "clones" with PUBG's BO play in many 5v5 mobile MOBA games today.


Of course this is good news for lovers of MOBA games, after Hi-Rez Studio developers officially released the game Paladins Strike, this time it was NetEase's turn to release the Onmyoji Arena game. Of course you can be more comfortable when playing this game, because it is available in English. You must try this game yourself because the system of this game will offer a slightly different experience with other MOBA games.


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