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welp.. i've been working on three projects for a bit and am along far enough to mention them...  -  will be the largest collection of wardialers, ld code hackers, vmb hackers, telenet scanners, scene transfer software, underground bbs software and more that has ever been compiled for 8/16 bit computers. DOS/Windows stuff may come later but that is not my focus right now as you can find that stuff anywhere. 8/16 bit stuff is starting to get lost and I am going to ensure that doesnt happen. - discussion of old school phreaking as well as the apps used.. maybe not too interesting to most people on binrev - who knows? - rants and humor that surround the underground scene and technology in general.


I have an absolute SHITLOAD of stuff to add to so please bear with me - but the site is open for business so to speak.. 




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